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Synonyms for genesis

Synonyms for genesis

Synonyms for genesis

a coming into being


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the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation

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Recombinant collaborated with the MAVERIC team to create a system to streamline and integrate key elements of large scale recruitment and enrollment of patients for GenISIS and MVP-communicating with veterans via mail and telephone call centers regarding MVP participation; scheduling research-related appointments in coordination with schedules maintained in VistA (Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture), the VA's electronic medical record system; collecting and managing patients' research consent and initial clinical trial questionnaire data; and tracking tissue samples collected as part of the research enrollment process.
Local owner-trainer Robert Thompson must be delighted with the current form of his Blue Genisis.
Importantly, the data will not move to the researchers, but rather researchers will come to the data-through the VA GenISIS computing environment-to increase security.
At PELAW, Blue Genisis set a 435m track record of 25.
The restaurant, located off Interstate 79 at 50 Genisis Blvd at Charlespointe, is housed in the Exxon fueling station owned by Dunkin' Donuts' franchise partner, Joe DeFazio, a prominent member of the local business community.
25pm: 1-3 Barnfield On Air 9-2 Farloe Hurricane 11-2 Kylegrove Top 20 Rapidvite Liam 25 Blue Genisis 33 Gold Savings
2 million benefit in the loss attributed to the noncontrolling interest in Symphony GenIsis.
Hills): 13-8 Barnfield On Air 5 Boherna On Air 6 Farloe Hurricane 8 Meenala Cruiser 14 Blue Gate, Iceman Vader, Monsoon Jack 20 Droopys Hat-ton, Kylegrove Top 25 Da Attic, Droopys Wells, Lively Arthur, Manic Mile 33 Bower Keane, Killieford Brave 40 Kingsmill Sparky, Pennys Minx, Rapidvite Liam 50 Blue Genisis, Droopys Tops, Killieford Raven, Lead Honcho, Midland Smoke 66 bar
In the third quarter of 2007, Isis purchased the equity of Symphony GenIsis.
Isis did not record this benefit in the first quarter of 2008 because it purchased all of the equity of Symphony GenIsis in the third quarter of 2007, saving $75 million in the predetermined purchase price.
Our improved financial position supported the early purchase of Symphony GenIsis, saving us roughly $75 million over the lifetime of that transaction, and our debt refinancing has saved us significant interest expense.
In September 2007, Isis purchased the equity of Symphony GenIsis at the pre-negotiated price of $120 million, which Isis paid with $80.
We recently announced our acquisition of Symphony GenIsis as well as closure of our collaboration with Ortho-McNeil, Inc.
today announced its purchase of all of the equity of Symphony GenIsis at the pre-negotiated price of $120 million.