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Synonyms for genesis

Synonyms for genesis

Synonyms for genesis

a coming into being


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the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation

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The children are Jarieliz Santana, front, Ashley Santana, Victor Gonzalez, and Genisis Santana, left to right, rear.
In my early teenage years I was into progressive rock like Genisis, Yes, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
The Genisis is a smooth operator, offers a comfortable ride, is sensitive to the steering touch and has an impressive turn of speed.
The samples for this study were obtained from the MOSAIC consortium in England and Scotland, co-ordinated from the Centre for Respiratory Infection (CRI) at Imperial College London, and the GenISIS consortium in Scotland at the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh.
Importantly, researchers will come to the data--through the VA GenISIS computing environment--to increase security.
Importantly, the data will not move to the researchers, but rather researchers will come to the datathrough the VA GenISIS computing environmentto increase security.
For example, Symphony GenIsis was a cooperation with Isis Pharmaceuticals and was sold in September 2007.
They progressed in the FA Trophy after overcoming Leigh Genisis.
Genisis, Ideen, Institutionen, mathmatische Werkstatten: Formen der Mathematikgeschichte--Ein metahistorischer Essay.