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Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)

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Razye's spirit leaves a caveat his son, telling Gengis how to cope with the overwhelming grief he may surely feel living on an island as an outcast.
Zanabazar (1635-1723), a direct descendant of Gengis Khan, was the religious leader of Mongolia, renowned as a monk, artist and engineer.
A tradicao islamica conta que, em Bucara, Gengis Khan teria dito: "Eu sou o flagelo de Deus.
You can also get war games models of figures such as Gengis Khan, he added.
Soon after this time, Marco Polo's travel narrative relates (in Volume I, Chapters XLVII-L) a great battle between Prester John and Gengis Kahn, in which Prester John carries a far different character than his more common image of sanctity.
He and his five dogs, Kodi, Gengis, Innuka, Willow and Taron, make up one of a thousand teams who belong to the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain.
In 1221, under the command of Gengis Khan, Mongol warriors swept across Central Asia from their Eastern Asian base.
The most important burial sites are composed of several graves to more than 50 kurgans and they range from to the Bronze Age until the period of Gengis Khan (13th century AD).
Faya and Gengis Restaurants are other exciting names in the Thistle portfolio - and like Otium Leisure Clubs, Just Gym workout rooms and Premier Executive rooms are exclusive to our hotels.
Then Norma and Jim were taken in a limousine to the Gengis Restaurant at the Thistle Hotel.
Margaret Thatcher, who was to the civil service what Gengis Khan was to Mongolia, once said: "Advisers advise, ministers decide.
Any diners with culinary curiosity will have it satisfied at Gengis, which has chefs at work on full view at the end of the dining area.
THERE is a Raiders Of The Lost Ark feel to the new Gengis restaurant in the Thistle Hotel on Glasgow's Cambridge Street.
But it is little difficult imagining Gengis Khan tucking into the spotted dick and custard on the dessert menu.
Paul Pelliot and Louis Hambis, Histoire des campagnes de Gengis khan: Cheng-wou ts'ing-tcheng lou (Leiden: Brill, 1954).