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Synonyms for Genevan

a native or resident of Geneva

an adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin


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Lajolo FM and M Genevese Nutritional significance of lectins and enzyme inhibitors from legumes.
Sarcar watches are produced in an old Genevese house on the outskirts of the town.
Around 1960, the de Crousaz couple launched out--similar to other Genevese pioneers--in the exploration of high-temperature stoneware.
the Genevese Aquifer; Algerian, Libyan, and Tunisian joint cooperation
Although hypotheses differ as to why he began the practice, "it was probably purely a personal interest, a kind of scientific curiosity he had," says Hutter, "coming out of an 18th century that had seen a 'back to nature' phase with Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the emergence of great Genevese natural scientists like de Candolle and de Saussure.
Mrs Beeton, in her 1872 'Dictionary of Cookery', had a rather nice recipe called Pike A La Genevese.
Fair cousin, thy page is small to encage the thoughts which engage the mind of a sage Such as I am; 'Twere in teaspoon to take the whole Genevese lake, or a lap-dog to make the white Elephant sacred in Siam.