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Synonyms for Genevan

a native or resident of Geneva

an adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin


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Later, when the harm reduction theme came up in the Genevan cantonal Parliament, potential opponents could not capitalize on it because they did not have the legitimacy to argue with these coordinated specialists.
Simon Goulart, the Genevan pastor, constructed the first narrative of the first three civil wars and the St.
O'Neill said he was delighted his side is in the hat for the draw for the first round of the Uefa Cup in Genevan today, even though his side was less than impressive.
As for international humanitarian law, murder of civilians who do not take active part in hostilities in an internal armed conflict, is prohibited both by common Article 3 of the 1949 Genevan Conventions and by the corresponding rule of customary international law, as codified in Article 4(2)(a) of Additional Protocol II.
Thomas Ralston's abridgement of Richard Watson's Institutes labored to distinguish Methodism from Calvinism, but if he disagreed with Calvinists on the constituency of atonement, he agreed with the Genevan on its punitive model.
Or, more simply, were the Dutch quite selective in their appropriation of the Genevan reformer and exegete?
Owen Gingerich comments: "No doubt White's quotation from Calvin increased the readership of Calvin's works, for it set historians of science off on a frustrated search to find where the Genevan reformer mentioned Copernicus.
Earlier in the article, Dostoevsky repeats the historian's implicit charge that the Genevan Franqois Lefort, who allegedly was responsible for pushing Peter the Great away from his native traditions, was himself indebted to Russia for giving him work and the means to live.
About hall of these he also pairs with lovely Genevan and Welsh melodies.
This was a tradition that continued in pronounced contradistinction to the sung metrical psalms that were the style followed in the parish churches along Genevan lines.
Nicholas Cox, though son of "a very stiff Calvinist," in his 1677 adaptation of the Savoy Declaration in 1658, offered in gentle language a confession clearly Genevan yet not too prescriptive of contentious doctrine, omitting, for example, the paragraph on reprobation.
The cases of master of negative capability Keats' "Ode on Indolence," Baudelaire's Spleen Poems in Les Fleurs du Mal, Sue's La Paresse, Bysshe Vanolis Thomson's "Indolence: A Moral Essay," suspension-obsessed Genevan professor of aesthetics Henri-Frederic Amiel's Journal intime, Symons's "The Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins," the chapter of Joyce's Ulyssses set deep in Lotusland, Evelyn Waugh's essay "Sloth" and, of course, Huxley's own wryly ambivalent compositions inspired by a witting acedia, as in Crome Yellow, (18) to cite but a few of the host of available instances, eloquently attest to the cogency of his timely recollection.
The Genevan provenance of the edition echoed is distinctly appropriate to Cade the Puritan.
It can also be seen how Nicolo's wish for an identity changes from wearing the mask of a Genevan knight unconsciously, to wanting to put it on for a second time with the purpose of identifying himself with the portrait in Elvire's room.