Genetta genetta

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agile Old World viverrine having a spotted coat and long ringed tail

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The study of the selection of arthropods of common genet is achieved by the use of Savage index Wi = Ai / Di quoted by Savage [29] which Ai is the relative abundance of arthropod Genetta genetta and Di is the relative abundance of arthropod species trapped by the pitfall traps.
Doumandji, 2014: Ecologie trophique de la genette commune Genetta genetta, montagne de Bouzeguene (grande kabylie, Algerie).
L'alimentation de la Genette d'Europe Genetta genetta L.
Dieta de la Gineta comune Genetta genetta (Linneaeus, 1758) en los habitats reparios de navarra.
In addition to brown hyaenas, we also recorded one visit by a small spotted genet Genetta genetta, two visits by leopards and one visit by two honey badgers Mellivora capensis at the monitored defecation sites.
For some species, such as puma Puma concolor (Lopez-Gonzalez and Gonzalez, 1998), polecat Mustela putorius (Blandford, 2008), genet Genetta genetta (Virgos et al.