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Doumandji, 2014: Ecologie trophique de la genette commune Genetta genetta, montagne de Bouzeguene (grande kabylie, Algerie).
Le regime alimentaire de la Genette (Genetta genetta Linne, 1758) dans le parc national du Djurdjura, Algerie.
genetta (Andrews, 1990), making it difficult to differentiate the predator based on anatomical representation (Fig.
In addition to brown hyaenas, we also recorded one visit by a small spotted genet Genetta genetta, two visits by leopards and one visit by two honey badgers Mellivora capensis at the monitored defecation sites.
Genetta Adams, former assistant managing editor for features and entertainment at Newsday, has been appointed entertainment editor for The Associated Press.
Seven of these genera, containing species of large body size, were eliminated from further consideration (Panthera, Helogale, Herpestes, Aonyx, Genetta, Phacochoerus, Manis).
GI features incorporated include a constructed wetland that daylights Genetta Ditch, a major tributary of Catoma Creek.
For instance, we indicated the genets as Genetta sp.
Given the considerable species diversity of the genus Genetta in the Niger Delta (Powell & van Rompaey 1998), it is possible that more than one species was present in the samples, thus influencing the total number of species detected.
Para este indice, no existieron diferencias significativas entre las especies mas pequenas del ensamble, el meloncillo y la gineta (Herpestes ichneumon y Genetta genetta), aunque el tamano del trigonido en relacion a las dimensiones del craneo fue mayor para Herpestes.
Entre Herpestes y Genetta no existieron diferencias significativas entre las areas de trituracion tanto de los molares superiores como de los inferiores (Tabla 2).