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The determinant of an English term expressed by the common case is conveyed into Lithuanian by an adjective (participle) or the Genetive of a Noun, e.
Abbreviations 1, 2, 3 first, second, third person ABE abessive ADE adessive ADJ adjective ALL allative CLC clitic COM comitative COND conditional dINF da-infinitive EL elative ESS essive FEM female GEN genetive GER gerund ILL illative IMP imperative IMPS impersonal INE inessive JUSS jussive mINF ma-infinitive NEG negation marker PL plural POSTP postposition PRCL particle PRS present PRTV partitive PST simple past PRTCP presnt participle PTCP past participle Q question marker QUOT quotative SG singular TRM terminative TRNSL translative
Miss Cohen has produced a useful and scholarly work, and because her book is not casual journalism (where all such solecisms are common enough) one must put in a plea for more careful use of the English language: 'fortuitous' means 'by chance', not 'fortunate'; 'oblivious' (endlessly misused) means 'forgetful', not 'unaware', and is followed by the genetive 'of'; 'anticipate' means 'to use in advance', not to 'expect'; 'befriend' does not simply mean 'to be friends with', it conveys a sense of 'help, favour' .
91) Im Nebensatz: si quid exotici ac forensis sermonis rudis locutor offendero sind die Genetive wohl auf den Ausdruck rudis locutor zu beziehen, vgl.
The Leipzig edition has now revised its official title to Leipziger Ausgabe der Werke von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (changing the genetive construct).