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The determinant of an English term expressed by the common case is conveyed into Lithuanian by an adjective (participle) or the Genetive of a Noun, e.
91) Im Nebensatz: si quid exotici ac forensis sermonis rudis locutor offendero sind die Genetive wohl auf den Ausdruck rudis locutor zu beziehen, vgl.
The Leipzig edition has now revised its official title to Leipziger Ausgabe der Werke von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (changing the genetive construct).
This article characterizes the tipology of the word order in Bribri (Chibchan language) according to the following parameters proposed by Greenberg and Vennemann: Word order of the simple clause, genetive phrase, adpositions, noun-adjective, relative clause, verb-adverb, verb-auxiliar and verbmodal particles.
These va-marked forms resemble the genetive form of the present participle, cf.
The conventional adjectives and especially the ubiquitous use of the preposed, so-called Saxon genetive, sometimes in incomprehensibly overladen constructions, reveal their source and their ambition - but also their failure - to emulate it.
But even though Sygne's desire is foregrounded as matter of inquiry in The Hostage, Lacan forewarns us not ever to assume a genetive relationship between a subject desirer and the act of desiring.