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The farmed deer populations kept in enclosures and descendents of introduced founder populations showed moderate genetic variability, with mean within population genetic distance values higher than that reported for some other livestock populations (Kumar et al.
Significant differences in genetic variability measures between animal groups were tested after Estoup et al.
As this substudy showed, the effects seen with ticagrelor were independent of genetic variability in CYP2C19 or ABCB1," said Professor Lars Wallentin, primary investigator of the PLATO genetic substudy and Professor of Cardiology and Research Director at the Uppsala University, Sweden.
Therefore, recovery from numerical reduction should be accompanied by the recovery of genetic variability to establish a self-sustained population thereafter.
Clement Furlong, a geneticist at the University of Washington in Seattle, reported that some people are more sensitive to insecticides and possibly nerve agents because of genetic variability in the gene that regulates production of the enzyme paraoxonase-1 (PON1).
Other changes, such as in body size or genetic variability within a species, might occur over longer periods, Root notes.
The hepatitis C virus has significant genetic variability throughout its entire genome," said Kathy Ordonez, President of Celera.
Atomic resolution detail of the proteins in the fibers and analysis of genetic variability among different clinical strains were combined to show that each bacterial strain presents a different outer surface of the major protein while preserving the protein components that are buried within the fiber," said senior author Esther Bullitt, an associate professor in the department of physiology and biophysics at BUSM.
Christine Ambrosone, PhD, from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, spoke about the effects of genetic variability on breast cancer risk and prognosis.
In addition, the impact of genetic variability was greater in the newborns than in the adults.
Rebuffi also asserts that the vicunas' fiber won't deteriorate because the captive herds "have enough genetic variability to last 800 years"
Useful for characterizing genetic variability and evaluating its association with biological effects, such as disease or adverse events.
Within MHC-dissimilar couples the partners will be genetically different, and such a pattern of mate choice decreases the danger of endogamy (mating among relatives) and increases the genetic variability of offspring.
PFGE and pertactin gene sequencing suggest limited genetic variability within the Finnish Bordetella parapertussis population.
scientists, Galileo's research relies on DNA sampling from the Quebec Founder Population, whose extensive genetic sharing and low genetic variability make this population ideal for LD-GWSs.