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This means they have unique genetic traits that could be useful for researchers and breeders.
But scientists have struggled to pinpoint genetic traits involved in the condition.
Evolutionary programming of the innate immune system may act via selection on these genetic traits.
Another challenge was confirming whether such reprogrammed cells have all the genetic traits of true embryonic stem cells.
People who can quit smoking tobacco - one of the most addictive substances - may pass on their genetic traits to their babies.
Some scholars have argued that differences between races are due to genetic traits, but the authors' findings conclude that IQ differences among racial groups also may have to do with the environment.
You may have first said that Elites possess genetic traits that are conducive to their sport.
Detailed relationships among DNA structure, biology, and medicine highlight the role of DNA in medicine, which is further enhanced by an explanation of traditional and complex genetic traits.
SNPs play a role in gene diagnosis, especially for diagnosing genetic traits such as inherited individual distinctions, drug efficacies and susceptibility to specific diseases.
Phenotype" refers to visible distinguishing characteristics, as opposed to hereditary or genetic traits.
Every horse allocated to a new owner is randomly generated from a database of 100,000 with each supposedly having different genetic traits that can determine its potential.
During farming, the report warns, "low levels of gene flow will occur at long distances and thus complete genetic isolation will be difficult to maintain," leading to the creation of plants with accumulated genetic traits from different GM varieties.
One near-term possibility that many parents, if given the opportunity, will want to weed out embryos carrying genetic traits for a host of non-lethal conditions, like baldness, shyness, short stature, or homosexuality.
The remaining applications cover methods for the analysis of data generated by Lynx's Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing, or MPSS(tm), technology and its use for identifying genes associated with complex genetic traits.
I know that linebreeding is in itself a type of genetic isolation, but tends to exemplify the genetic traits of the animal in question to a point.