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Synonyms for genetic

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

of or relating to or produced by or being a gene

of or relating to the science of genetics


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If additional studies confirm that these genes have undergone selection and that human populations in the region have some genetic resistance to HIV-1, one could try to find additional genes in the population that may also be protective against HIV but have not yet been identified," he said.
Positive Blood Culture Nucleic Acid (BC-GP) Test (510(k) cleared: CE Mark), is a multiplexed, automated test for genus- and species-level identification of the most common causes of gram-positive bacterial bloodstream infections with corresponding genetic resistance determinant detection (the mecA, vanA, and vanB genes).
Coverage includes natural models of production, plant susceptibility, genetic resistance, crop cultural practices, rescue treatments, protection from birds and mammals, designing the farm to reduce pests, diversity, crop rotation, identifying pests, and crop-by-crop pests and practices.
Wheat scientists refer to two general kinds of genetic resistance to rust.
He particularly looks at the reappearance of the category of race in scientific analysis, its cultural implications, and its conversion into ethnicity, and specific topics like recent claims that Jews have a genetic resistance to alcoholism; sexually transmitted diseases, race, and sex; Jewish identity and sickness in the nineteenth century; aesthetic surgery and beauty in China; ethnicity and bilingualism; and Freud, Jewishness, and psychoanalysis.
Outside advisers to FDA voted 7-1 last week that the agency should require a uniform test to ensure the Australian drugmaker's Omapro is only used for patients with a genetic resistance to Novartis AG's Gleevec.
Enhanced genetic resistance through selective breeding represents an under-exploited low cost opportunity for disease control in low input poultry production systems.
As reported in The New England Journal of Medicine February 12, the man, an American living in Germany, had received stem cells from a donor with a genetic resistance to HIV.
In a second development, a new control protocol will be prepared on the issue which has to be submitted to EFSA by the end of May, which will then be implemented in Cyprus, providing more evidence is collected confirming the genetic resistance of goats to scrapie.
Two years ago, he was given a transplant using stem cells from a donor with a natural genetic resistance to HIV.
Differences in the epidemiologic patterns in Southeast Asia and the American region have been attributed to genetic resistance in black populations and to underreporting of DHF cases, among other factors (2).
Sow later or use a variety called Bolthardy which has genetic resistance to bolting.
Then the rabbits developed a genetic resistance to the virus and have since rebounded to as many as 300 million by 1991.
When a blight attacked commercial sunflowers in Australia, growers turned to a seed collected by Native Seeds/SEARCH from the Grand Canyon Havasupai--the only variety with a genetic resistance to the disease.
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