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(mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)

(genetics) the process of locating genes on a chromosome

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Dorff (Rector and Sol and Anne Dorff Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy at the American Jewish University--Los Angeles) and Laurie Zoloth (Professor of Religious Studies and on the Jewish Studies faculty at Weinberg College, and Professor of Medical Humanities and Bioethics at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University), "Jews and Genes: The Genetic Future in Contemporary Jewish Thought" is comprised of twenty-two informative articles deftly organized into five major sections (Stem Cell Research; Genetic Mapping and Identity; Genetic Testing; Genetic Intervention; The New Genetics and Public Policy).
Al Maidoor highlighted that genetic mapping is a futuristic field and is essential as one can greatly identify the chance of a couple having a child with a genetic disorder such as Thalassemia.
Agra Professional Services Division last week hosted an interactive breakfast to discuss and investigate the potential of genetic mapping of local animal species.
McMullen's genetic mapping work has revealed enormous differences among families of corn plants with regard to recombination rates, which are the frequencies of physical exchanges of chromosomal portions from the different parents of a cross.
Similar assessments could be offered to the general public within the next decade as the cost of genetic mapping plummets, say the researchers.
Among specific topics are detecting apoptosis in cell-free systems, analyze cellular necroptosis, the transglutamination of proteins involved in apoptosis, fluorometric methods for detecting mitochondrial membrane permeabilization during apoptosis, the genetic mapping of anti-apoptosis pathways in myoloid progenitor cells, and a reliable method for detecting programmed cell death in yeast.
Advanced intercross lines, an experimental population for fine genetic mapping.
The DNA molecules are useful for specifying a gene product in cells, either as a promoter or as a protein coding sequence or as an UTR or as a 3' termination sequence, and are also useful in controlling the behavior of a gene in the chromosome, in controlling the expression of a gene or as tools for genetic mapping, recognizing or isolating identical or related DNA fragments, or identification of a particular individual organism, or for clustering of a group of organisms with a common trait.
The two local competitors are Floragenex, a spin-out of lab research at the University of Oregon that has developed a faster, cheaper way to conduct genetic mapping of plants and animals.
These DNA chips are used in many areas of basic and clinical research, including the detection of drug resistance mutations in infectious organisms, direct DNA sequence comparison of large segments of the human genome, the monitoring of multiple human genes for cancer-associated mutations, the quantitative and parallel comparison of in RNA expression for thousands of human genes, and the physical and genetic mapping of the human genome.
Genetic mapping of the Kuruma prawn Penaeus japonicus using AFLP marker.
Fine-scale genetic mapping indicates two traits characteristic of Y chromosomes, Ming and his colleagues report in the Jan.
Targeted to investors, researchers, analysts and venture capital firms, the letter will cover the range of nanoblotech topics, including new drugs, drug delivery systems, diagnostics, genetic mapping and medical device technology.
People are more likely to be 'damaged' by accident, by pollution, by self-harm (eg drinking or smoking or poor diet) or by a whole range of environmental factors which genetic mapping could not predict.