genetic engineering

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the technology of preparing recombinant DNA in vitro by cutting up DNA molecules and splicing together fragments from more than one organism

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One reason may be that the procedures for safe, successful, and legitimate genetic manipulation for medical purposes are extremely complicated, lying outside the capability of most rogue operations.
Without strong democracy and true transparency, this kind of discrimination can be used to justify human genetic manipulation, manifested in eugenics programs.
I looked to the fitness craze, to the emergence of plastic surgery, as well as to the research being done in genetic manipulation and the fantasies it triggered.
McGee, who wrote the first edition before Dolly the sheep was cloned, provides background on cloning and genetic manipulation, bringing us up to date with current issues, debates, myths and facts in the field.
Under the conditions of undisputed license the scientific progress increasingly manifests its threatening prospects, such as the ominous potential of genetic manipulation.
In Colombia, for example, their untiring efforts led to the Colombian Senate voting against legalizing abortion and genetic manipulation.
More particularly the isolated nucleic acid molecules of the present invention further provide for the screening-assisted breeding of plants having desirable starch content and/or composition, in addition to providing for the direct genetic manipulation of plant starch content and/or composition.
The Ahriman Gate is a novel about a nightmarish scenario of shadow governmental secrets, ghastly genetic manipulation, and the brink of discoveries that could spell the end of the world.
Hunted for his mutated blood by both humans and vampires, he faces assassins, a sexy vampire bodyguard, a werewolf lover's problems, and more in a fast-paced story of genetic manipulation and evil.
Fussell pays attention to the genetic manipulation of corn, where it is grown and on what acreage, and its place as an important food in the many poor areas of the world.
According to Jay Lang, Charkit's vice president of sales, "Eco Oil's advanced farming technology and a careful seed selection process that is free from genetic manipulation are complemented by extremely careful processing techniques.
Published in affiliation with the International Society for Stem Cell Research (Northbrook, IL), the journal will cover new methods in embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and the genetic manipulation of stem cells.
The study published in the American Society of Chemical Industry's Chemistry & Industry said the method was important because it avoided genetic manipulation.
Other are forward-looking examining, for example, the role of human rights in cloning and genetic manipulation.