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Synonyms for heredity



Synonyms for heredity

the biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next

the total of inherited attributes

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They were then intermingled so genetic lines are hard to trace, and here in the US, most ostriches were bred in colonies or trios, so genetic lines can be almost impossible to pin down.
SALT LAKE CITY -- An international team of genetic scientists has discovered the ancestors of Native Americans had at least 15 unique maternal genetic lines, many more "founding mothers" than had been expected for the Paleo-Indians who initially immigrated into the unpeopled, resource-rich Western Hemisphere 15-18,000 years ago.
We can't stress enough the importance of maintaining strong genetic lines, and these cubs add new, established genetic markers to our collaborative breeding efforts.
To make this discovery, the scientists studied 146 different genetic lines of fruit flies that were fed four different diets.
Wuhlfkuhle's firm is a partnership owned by Syngenta and DuPont/ Pioneer and began actively licensing those firms' traits and genetic lines last year.
In this regard, plant geneticists have shown a fundamental interest in understanding the population performance of new genetic lines, while precision planter manufacturers want to know the performance of planter design in establishing uniform plant spacing and emergence prior to release of new planters.
Use of the technology allows for more efficient breeding programs and preservation of high quality genetic lines.
Pinson has also teamed up with a scientist in the Philippines to develop a second gene-mapping population known as the "TeQing-into-Lemont introgression lines" (TILs), which consist of 123 genetic lines that each contain just 1 to 5 small pieces of TeQing DNA placed within a predominantly Lemont genetic background.
Australia's Sheep Co-operative Research Center is now carrying out a first-ever study into 700 sheep with 20 different genetic lines.
DuPont and Syngenta announce the formation of a 50-50 joint venture and licensing agreements that will provide broad access to the companies' proprietary corn and soybean genetic lines and biotechnology traits.
It is also a way to broaden the genetic base as one can store great genetic lines of today for use in the future, holding endless genetic possibilities.
The ADOL genetic lines comprise close to half of the chicken germplasm in the NAGE Because of financial constraints, genetically unique chicken lines maintained elsewhere in the United States and in other countries are rapidly diminishing.