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Synonyms for heredity



Synonyms for heredity

the biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next

the total of inherited attributes

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Twelve pens were randomly assigned to low, medium, and high stocking density (hereafter, LD, MD, and HD, respectively), and each pen included the genetic lines NL, AL, and CL.
This is in agreement with an earlier report that larger seeds with larger embryos that differentiate crops into genetic lines is associated with increased germination (Lopez-Castaneda et al.
When we're finished, we'll be able to rapidly estimate the conversion yield of different perennial grass genetic lines using NIR instead of wet chemistry.
Participants discussed ways in which, through the process of reproduction, genetic lines are combined to produce children with their own set of unique strengths and challenges.
With most breeds established for many years now, breeders are working to breed these particular disease-causing genes out of their genetic lines, hoping to produce dogs with all the good attributes and few of the bad.
Eisen, who recently received a Guggenheim fellowship to further her zebrafish research, said the expansion also will allow the lab to create and maintain many more genetic lines of zebrafish.
To test the effect of genetic modification and genetic lines within genetic groups on the different elastic moduli, descriptive statistics and the general linear model procedure were used in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.
Kobe beef comes from the Wagyu cattle tradition, as it is created from genetic lines of Japanese Wagyu cattle.
When honeybees are treated for diseases and parasites, the treatments obscure which genetic lines possess a natural resistance," he said.
This new era actually got rolling in February 2006, when DuPont's Pioneer Hi-Bred unit announced it would, for the first time ever, license its genetic lines to other seed companies.
The loss of one or two genetic lines could be catastrophic to a population this small.
A new study indicates that goats representing the earliest two of the five genetic lines inhabited the same location in southwestern Europe by about 7,000 years ago, only 3,000 years after the initial domestication of the animals in the Near East.
It revealed some genetic lines were built for stamina while others produced better sprinters.
Of course, as with Mitochondrial Eve, there were other women alive at this time, but for whatever reasons their genetic lines were lost.
While race does not exist, according to Graves, and humans don't have separate genetic lines of descent, The Race Myth: Why We Pretend Race Exists In America explores why modern definitions of race are wrong, and how they can be overcome.