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the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene

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Between the lines of the genetic code; genetic interactions in understanding disease and complex phenotypes.
In this article, we are, however, focusing on a classical meaning of genetic interaction that a genotypic effect at a gene is influenced by another genotype at another gene on the same genome (Falconer and Mackay, 1996).
Utilizing this lethal genetic interaction as a phenotyping tool, they analyzed 2,250 mouse offspring, corresponding to approximately half genome coverage, and identified 15 mice that survived to weaning.
A Macquarie University biologist, Sarah Pryke, said there was no chemical or genetic interaction between the parents at work.
Specifically, they can build and analyze protein-protein, protein-ligand and genetic interaction networks using GeneGo's high quality databases of human biology and active chemistry.
In recent years, public outcry has included concerns over potential genetic interactions between wild and cultured animals in cases where natural beds of shellfish lie in close proximity to intensively cultured locations.
GenePeeks digitally combines the genetic information of two potential parents pre-conception, using innovative algorithms to simulate the genetic interactions that occur naturally in human reproduction.
The researchers generated their interactome -- the whole set of interactions within a cell -- using the BioGrid database of protein and genetic interactions.
Objective: The aim of this project is to use the ninespine stickleback as a model to understand the relative importance of natural selection and random demographic events in shaping the evolution of ecologically relevant complex traits; harness the demographic history of the stickleback to detect complex genetic interactions affecting complex traits; improve the empirical understanding of the genetics of complex traits, and explore the effect of copy number variation (CNV) on complex traits.
According to Kapahi, while living for hundreds of years would be difficult, the study has raised the prospect of anti-ageing treatments based on genetic interactions.
To identify significant genetic interactions with the boys' peripubertal TEQs, we fitted separate multivariate Cox models for each SNP, which included an interaction term consisting of the number of minor alleles (0, 1, or 2) multiplied by the boys' peripubertal [log.
2) The majority of studies addressing cardiovascular disease pharmacogenomics examine the potential genetic interactions of these drugs in large segments of the cardiovascular disease pharmaceutical markets, e.
a biotechnology company delivering breakthrough therapies in central nervous system diseases, today announced further evidence for genetic interactions impacting the efficacy of the ketogenic compound AC-1202 (Axona(TM)) in Alzheimer's disease.
And even the contribution from genes alone is often perplexingly complicated, as networks of genetic interactions encompassing hundreds of genes underlie many common diseases.