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Synonyms for genetic

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

of or relating to or produced by or being a gene

of or relating to the science of genetics


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The genetic heterogeneity and gene diversity analyses of ABO and Rh genes for Southern Punjab populations are being first time reported in this communication.
Genetic heterogeneity in HER2 testing in breast cancer: panel summary and guidelines.
Our results support the existence of a positive correlation between genetic heterogeneity and viability in groups of Drosophila hydei.
Given this structural complexity of cochlea it could be suggested that hereditary deafness is remarkable feature for its genetic heterogeneity (Keats and Berlin, 1999).
We are concerned, however, that the reporting of HER2 genetic heterogeneity (GH) may produce greater inconsistency of HER2 testing and lead to confusion about a patient's clinical HER2 status.
Although genetic heterogeneity may possibly contribute to the clustering of avian influenza cases within blood relatives, it is neither a necessary nor the most likely explanation for the data currently available.
As suggested previously (14), genetic heterogeneity or defects in regions not investigated by this assay can account for the failure in detecting RSK2 mutations in those patients.
Tao Jiang, senior scientist of this project at BGI, said, "Considering the high genetic heterogeneity of DSAP, It is fortunate for us to find the causative gene MVK by sequencing only three exomes and using previous genome-wide linkage results.
HER2 genetic heterogeneity (GH) exists if there are more than 5% but less than 50% of infiltrating tumor cells with a ratio higher than 2.
baumannii strains from Turkey, France, and Belgium (4,9) (Figure), further supporting genetic heterogeneity of PER-1 A.
Genetic heterogeneity in familial FTD is also supported by the fact that genetic linkage to chromosomes 3 and 9 has been found for clinical FTD variants (41-43).
Seamless integration with cell sorting provides investigators with a simple, yet powerful tool to investigate genetic heterogeneity and rare cells.
Finding extremely low competence in serotype 3 could explain the limited genetic heterogeneity in serotype 3, which has also been observed in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands (22).
on assessing the genetic heterogeneity of hepatitis C virus provides detailed procedures for amplification and cloning of hepatitis C loci for the study of quasispecies.
Our potential to personalize the treatment of cancer will be directly dependent on our ability to understand the genetic variation among individual patients as well as the genetic heterogeneity of their tumor genomes," said Dr.