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Synonyms for genetic

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

of or relating to or produced by or being a gene

of or relating to the science of genetics


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In the Atlantic, no genetic heterogeneity has been detected over widespread areas for blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) (McDowell et al.
The intratumoral genetic heterogeneity of cancers has been known for decades.
Genetic heterogeneity of ribosomal internal transcribed spacer in clinical samples of Leishmania donovani spotted on filter paper as revealed by single-strand conformation polymorphisms and sequencing.
Significant genetic heterogeneity is necessary to support the sweepstakes recruitment hypothesis as a biologically significant mechanism for producing the spatial differentiation previously observed in this species (Li & Hedgecock 1998).
Finally, recognizing that genomic information has yet to become widely available in health services data, we discuss statistical methods that test and help to control for measurement error due to the omission of variables that capture clinically relevant genetic heterogeneity.
Genetic heterogeneity has been observed with prostate cancer, which means that more than one gene has been implicated in its cause.
Genetic heterogeneity in susceptibility to autoimmune hepatitis type 1 patients in north India-A pilot study.
The concluding chapter describes the challenges in defining gene-nutrient interactions because of chemical complexity of food, genetic heterogeneity of humans and complexity of physiological responses to nutrient intake in health and disease.
Genetic heterogeneity and clonal evolution underlying development of asynchronous metastasis in human breast cancer.
Since viral diagnosis and vaccine development may be hindered by genetic diversity, this study was intended to address AHFV genetic heterogeneity.
In the recently published guidelines for HER2 testing in breast cancer, it defines HER2 genetic heterogeneity (GH) and provides practice guidelines for examination of the tissue and reporting criteria for that analysis.
Studies evaluating the contribution of non-HLA susceptibility genes revealed inconsistent results with the exception of a few genes such as protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor 22 (PTPN22) gene in European populations and peptidylarginine deiminase 4 (PADI4) gene in Asian populations indicating the presence of genetic heterogeneity in RA.
17) However, close to 20% of the patients are not linked to MLC1 gene mutations, (18,19) confirming the genetic heterogeneity.
Lp(a) has a significant and well-described genetic heterogeneity.