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the technology of preparing recombinant DNA in vitro by cutting up DNA molecules and splicing together fragments from more than one organism

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Like APHIS, the EPA ignored the scientific consensus holding that modern genetic engineering technology is essentially an extension, or refinement, of earlier, cruder techniques of genetic modification.
Although these farmers have gained economic benefits, more research is needed on the extent to which these advantages will change as pests adapt to GE crops, as other countries adopt genetic engineering technology, and as more GE traits are incorporated into existing and new crops.
Uptake of biotechnology in Africa is growing at an increasing rate as multinational corporations continue to flood it with genetic engineering technology.
The Surrey researchers used genetic engineering technology to make a mutant group of the meningococcus - the cause of killer meningitis epidemics - that was incapable of causing disease in mice.
Betaseron is a biologic agent -- not a true "drug" -- produced by sophisticated and expensive genetic engineering technology.
Kosan was awarded the grant to apply its genetic engineering technology towards the economical production of synthesized discodermolide.
is applying its proprietary genetic engineering technology to find solutions in the areas of material science.
This is also known as genetic engineering technology and was developed at the end of the twentieth century.