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Perchlorate does not undergo metabolism, but genetic defects of its target, that is, the NIS, may lead to low iodine uptake in the thyroid gland, thus depressing production of THs.
Because so many non-genetic variables are involved in the diseases that cause the vast majority of human deaths, and because the body in many instances can compensate for specific genetic defects, genetic testing by itself rarely gives accurate predictions of who will get sick from what--a reality unchanged by knowing the complete sequence of the human genome.
Patent and Trademark Office issued a notice of allowance dealing with an invention that has numerous applications, including nucleic acid detection, quantification and purification, and determining genetic defects and mutations.
I admit that this miracle only happened because we are from a country that lacks the facilities to detect genetic defects and easily eliminate a pregnancy.
I was confused by the fact that the sum of genetic defects in inherited thrombophilia plus the cases with unknown cause add up to 109.
MIAMI -- New modalities to identify Down syndrome and other serious genetic defects are now recommended for pregnant women of all ages, according to Randy A.
Rhythm is pioneering targeted therapy for life-threatening obesity caused by MC4 pathway genetic defects," said Mr.
The genetic defects identified in FALS have lead to the development of some useful animal models of the disease, but more models are needed to expand research on the abnormal biology of the affected motor neuron and nonneuronal cells, on nervous system response to endogenous and environmental toxins and toxicants, and on identification of metabolic, endocrine, and immunological abnormalities.
Although familial atrial fibrillation is extremely rare, the important question raised by this study is to what extent genetic defects may be risk factors for the development of atrial fibrillation,'' Dr.
This patent has an effective filing date of June 25, 1993 and is considered to be fundamental to the development of therapeutic products for the site-directed repair of genetic defects, employing the cell's natural gene repair capabilities.
Nasdaq:TRCA) today announced that the European Commission has granted Increlex(TM) (mecasermin (rDNA origin) injection) orphan medicinal product status for the treatment of primary insulin-like growth factor-1 deficiency (Primary IGFD) due to molecular or genetic defects.
If shared genetic defects explain why both ailments produce skin inflammation, Cookson says, "those avenues might open up therapeutic options for a whole host of skin diseases.
In the last several years, they have identified more than a dozen specific cancer-related genetic defects.
Because of the emerging linkage of many diseases to genetic defects, the long-term commercial opportunity for diagnostics that detect genetic abnormalities associated with cancer and other genetic diseases has been estimated by industry experts at upward of $800 million by the year 2000.
Primary immunodeficiencies result from genetic defects in the immune system.