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guidance for prospective parents on the likelihood of genetic disorders in their future children

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FRIEDA LOUBSER, BSc Hons Genetics, MSc Med Genetic Counselling Registered Genetic Counsellor, Division of Human Genetics, University of Cape Town
Genetic counselling in South Africa is a recognised and registered health profession, with formal training at postgraduate Master's level (requiring 2 years of full-time formal teaching and clinical training, a research project and a 2-year internship) and registration with the HPCSA.
In recent times, it is frequent that a family asks to a forensic genetic laboratory to perform paternity testing, because of the possible doubts coming out from prior genetic counselling results.
Genetic counselling is different from psychological counselling.
Knowledge of a genetically determined disease such as muscular dystrophy, accompanying an increased emphasis on genetic counselling, has reduced the need for service for this disability.
Women who chose such surgery had a higher (but often inaccurate) perception of their risk of developing breast cancer; genetic counselling is important to ensure that decisions made about surgery are based upon accurate risk perception.
Hearing loss and Waardenburg's syndrome: Implications for genetic counselling.
Knowing more about the molecular genetics of hearing impairment improves diagnosis and genetic counselling," says James B.
Furthermore, this contract demonstrates e-Net's continued expansion into the life sciences sector, as it follows other recent successes such as the development of a leading-edge technology platform for two prominent clients -- Cambridge University's Chemistry Department to aid in their research into protein unfolding and FamilyGenetix with their work in developing online genetic counselling software.
According to Additional District Health Officer Agha Samiullah, the aim of the seminar is to bring awareness among the masses about prevention from thalassemia, extended family and pre-marital screening, genetic counselling and pre-natal diagnosis.
In this age of fast-moving information, genetic counselling involves a scan of the literature and recent publications, to be as well informed as possible.
She sought genetic counselling at Edinburgh's family history clinic after her mum was diagnosed with breast and her aunt with ovarian cancer.
The Genetic Counselling department came to Hotel Dieu as well; as a result babies with "defects" were identified and sent back to KGH to be aborted.
In the well publicised case of Angelina Jolie, genetic counselling and testing for BRCA mutations may have come too late to save her mother, but did allow her to make difficult but potentially life-saving decisions regarding risk-reducing surgery.
KARACHI -- Medical experts have strongly advised mandatory screening of couples to identify thalassaemia carriers followed by genetic counselling and prenatal diagnosis so as to reduce number of children born with the ailment.