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Synonyms for generator

an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas

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engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

someone who originates or causes or initiates something


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an electronic device for producing a signal voltage

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With the subsistence of the sea, we were able to go to work upon the damaged engines to some effect, and I also set men to examining the gravitation-screen generators with a view to putting them in working order should it prove not beyond our resources.
They've repaired the engines and the generators both," exclaimed one of the men.
Only that morning, Lieutenant Johnson had told me that he feared that it would be impossible to repair the generators.
2015 Market Research Report on Global Diesel Generators Industry
On the 5-KW and 10-KW generators used as part of the MEP-802A and -803A, I believe that keeping the access doors closed keeps the generators cooler.
In fact, California has no standards for wind-powered generators in residences.
We've got a new situation in which conventional random-number generators just won't do," says George Marsaglia, a computer scientist and statistician at Florida State University in Tallahassee.
Top 10 reasons why gas welder/generators built to industrial specifications offer the best value for emergency generator power.
Bharat Book Bureau presents Steam Generators for Nuclear Power - Global Market Size, Competitive Landscape and Key Country Analysis to 2025.
We are looking at using generators where we have them,'' Janssen said.
National Hurricane Preparedness Week is a good time to review tips for safely operating portable generators.
Portable generators pump out DEADLY carbon monoxide (CO) in their exhaust.
If so, the generators may have ignited tires with which they shared a cargo hold.
When most people think about generators they instantly think of a power outage, the two seem to be automatically linked.
One of the ways of increasing awareness about portable generators is to co-promote these products with other products of similar interest or application, such as lawn mowers or even white goods.
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