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the generation following the baby boom (especially Americans and Canadians born in the 1960s and 1970s)


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Indeed, Generation Xers are often depicted as useless, lazy, unmotivated, unambitious, and sharing no common cause.
If the Generation Xers on the jury believe the rule of law is important, and if you can demonstrate that the safety standard or minimum standard of acceptable conduct that was violated was intended to protect everyone, you have a better chance of convincing them of the defendant's liability and collecting a full and fair recovery for your client.
The key for every manager is to integrate this generation's unique skills and work behavior into your organization along with the remaining baby boomers and Generation Xers.
Generation Xers admit that the first step is the scariest.
Millennials (72 percent) are significantly more likely to say they will shop on Black Friday than Generation Xers (59 percent) or Boomers (43 percent).
Further, Baby Boomers and Generation Xers are least likely to say that, overall, they put some or a lot of trust in the companies they regularly do business with to keep their personal data secure.
Perhaps Generation Xers and millennials have not yet reached the peak age of susceptibility to depression, or it is possible that they are less likely to be depressed.
This literature review builds on this business research to establish the basis for generations of employees in the workplace, specifically the varying characteristics of Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.
com)-- Media Network catering to Late Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, Boomers Lifestyle Network (KBLN), launches June 1st at www.
These numbers are significant because boomers (born 1946-64) comprise a hefty 31 percent of the workforce; millennials (1980-96) and Generation Xers (1965-79) make up 33 and 32 percent respectively.
MTV Insights, a research group of the American cable television channel which is a division of Viacom Inc, questioned 3,100 millennials, Generation Xers, who were born from 1965 to 1980 and Baby Boomers, as well as focus groups that compared the two waves of millennials.
Generation Xers are much less loyal to what's going on around them and have no problem packing and leaving a work situation that's not to their liking.
Amount Saved for Retirement, Baby Boomers (2012) and Generation Xers (2011) Baby Boomers Generation Xers Less than $50,000 21.
And craft also wins on merit; 43% of both Millennials and Generation Xers polled said that craft beer tastes better than mainstream beer, compared to 32% of Baby Boomers.
The findings did show that millennials were more likely than baby boomers or Generation Xers to volunteer during high school and to say that they intend to participate in community service in college.