generally accepted accounting principles

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a collection of rules and procedures and conventions that define accepted accounting practice

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We believe that all issues on this problem should be solved through constructive dialogue between the Caspian littoral states on the base of generally accepted standards and principles of international law," he said.
During this inspection Ismail Isakov found out the majority of mosques and madrasahs lack conditions necessary for a proper educational process and performing religious rituals in line with generally accepted standards.
If CEP's research adhered to the generally accepted standards of empirical science, the mere fact that CEP also has policy preferences would not be a legitimate reason to doubt its findings.
But deep yearning and consent are not, under generally accepted standards of medical research, sufficient to justify using dying people as subjects in medical experiments.
Best practices help organizations assess their performance against generally accepted standards and their peers.
They apply their own criteria and the generally accepted standards of research.
Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Olara Otunnu, has been building a framework to put pressure on armies that send children into battle, particularly in the kinds of places where neither the laws of war nor generally accepted standards have penetrated.
Unlike financial regulation, however, with its nationwide standards that allow for coordination among state regulators, no generally accepted standards exist for market conduct regulation.
Its members, some of whom receive the accredited senior appraiser designation, follow the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice, which are recognized in the United States as generally accepted standards of professional appraisal practice.
The lack of solid scientific data on mold toxicity also means that there are no generally accepted standards for mold remediation, and no state or federal agencies offering testing services for mold samples.
The culmination of these and other efforts is the newly launched ASAE-Accredited AMC Program, which will serve as the vehicle to recognize AMCs that meet recognized and generally accepted standards.
On the other hand, the Russian Supreme Court's stated understanding of children's interests was right in keeping with the standards set by the higher court, especially in the way it by and large remained free of ideology and conformed to generally accepted standards of children's welfare.
Often, the compromise is found by referring to generally accepted standards, such as those of ASTM or ANSI.
In addition, a plaintiff's attorney in an action charging a practitioner with negligence might cite these standards, along with Circular 230, as constituting the generally accepted standards of tax practice.
For example, the State of New York requires ventilation in new buildings to meet generally accepted standards but does not specify the standards.
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