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a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests

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Those MDs with known generalist specialty but no productivity information are assumed to be 100 percent generalists.
The Debate Over Generalist and Specialist Tutors: Genre Theory's Contribution.
A generalist on the court might have pointed out that both science and common sense recognize that a mother and her unborn child are biologically distinct individuals.
The needs of different types of leaders can be addressed, but it requires a careful examination of staff training procedures and a clear understanding that specialists and generalists are not equal.
Of special interest is his observation that the public is learning that specialists provide better, more cost-effective care than generalists or physician extenders.
Larger-cap companies have a decided advantage because generalists can follow them.
As is the case for heart disease, the evidence in favor of cancer specialists over generalists is limited.
I've always been a generalist, and I think that has served me well.
Within the alliance, professionals will fill many different roles in the continuum--from generalist to specialists.
These rural generalists, as well as their students, are in need of ready access to a broad range of medical literature; yet, they are frequently hundreds of miles from the nearest health sciences library.
In effect, generalists are saying, "We can do It just as well for lower cost.
The greatest per capita share of primary care doctors - generalists who treat common ailments and make referrals to specialists.
In order to assure access to high-quality care at an affordable cost, policy-makers recommend that generalists make up approximately 50 percent of the physician supply.
And, not surprisingly, corporations are calling on independent real estate service providers who closely fit the mold of their own "new and improved" corporate real estate departments: Business generalists with a mastery of hard real estate market information and technological resources.
The preface sets forth appreciative aims, and Chambers' initial remarks indicate a general audience; but the individual essays, and particularly the first chapter on Marvell, could hardly have been written for generalists.