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a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests

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The generalists mostly held their own among patients younger than 18 years, who made 77.
Generalists like small skipper and Essex skipper are benefiting from climate change and have expanded their range into Scotland, says the latest Scottish Biodiversity Indicator report.
Generalists are not restricted to certain industries or lines of business and are available to all opportunities in the marketplace.
Another element of this years intake is that 91 of the interns will be trained in the Rural Generalist Pathway, which was set up by the Labor Government in 2006 to provide a constant flow of new doctors for rural Queensland.
It reinforces what conscientious generalists learn over time: that much if not most of generalist practice can be conceptualized as a nonlinear, process-oriented, relationally based, contextually defined way of working with patients that transcends any routine task-driven step-by-step diagnostic, therapeutic, or record-keeping technique.
Successful weeds favour generalist adaptability that lets them thrive in many places as hardy pioneers and gritty occupiers.
The number of generalists who were promotion-eligible into and within the senior levels decreased from 2012 and was lower than the five-year average.
4] Generalists also integrate concern for health and disease and can move from cure to palliation while focusing on the whole person.
For example, we would compare average S-ratings between Aeshna species which occupied lotic versus lentic habitats or were generalists versus specialists.
Here, the claim is that specialists will make decisions that are in some qualitative and categorical sense better than those made by generalists.
However, there is potential for the specialist music teacher to work more collaboratively with generalist teachers to focus further on their own music teaching so that the kinds of subservient and performance driven music activities mentioned are not the only musical activities generalists engage in.
Our primary need is for generalists able to work with chronic conditions in community settings.
This journal is aimed at non-specialists, many of whom are GPs in private practice and generalists in our state institutions.
Assume that the community standard is for radiologists rather than generalists to read x-rays.
Whichever faction has the upper hand enforces its preferred policy--decentralization for the generalists (inflationary) and centralization for the specialists (deflationary).