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the officer who holds the supreme command

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17] (7) Trataba de "explicar un fenomeno generalisimo de la materia -independiente del material empleado-, la forma del espectro de energia radiante en equilibrio termico, dependiente exclusivamente de su temperatura.
The idea of sol y sombra, (light and shade) of Spain in the twilight years of Generalisimo Francisco Franco fascinated me.
9) Generalisimo Francisco Franco (1892-1975), who ruled Spain from
Be prepared, however, to step up a gear around the huge variety of bars, restaurants and cafes serving delicious meals at less than a fiver a head on the Avineda del Generalisimo.
The project was organized by the new Ministry of Culture, which is an indication of the gigantic transformation taking place in the writers' fatherland since the death of the generalisimo.