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Most alternative storage security solutions rely on software-based processes for encryption or key management activities, often running on a general-purpose operating system.
For over a decade the OpenBSD team has done a superb job leading the way in the development of a very secure, free, general-purpose operating system," said Ivan Arce, CTO at Core Security Technologies.
The SH-MobileR device incorporates an SH4AL-DSP CPU core that runs at speeds up to 266MHz providing 478-MIPS of performance for the parallel processing of a browser and multiple large-load applications, as well as interactions with a general-purpose operating system (OS) such as Linux.
OpenVMS, a general-purpose operating system that runs in multi-user production and development environments, now includes the 14 fonts that are fully compatible with Microsoft(R) Windows(R).
The Xinuos general-purpose operating systems are on pace with hardware and software industry advances and are designed to power any size business.
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