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With CacheOS embedded in each CacheFlow appliance, there is no general-purpose operating system to administer.
is an information system software company, developer of network services, specialized and general-purpose operating system products, and application programming tools.
OpenVMS, a general-purpose operating system that runs in multi-user production and development environments, now includes the 14 fonts that are fully compatible with Microsoft(R) Windows(R).
General-purpose operating systems are built to be extremely flexible and contain many elements in support of many applications and hardware devices.
Essentially, these are nonspecialized hardware running general-purpose operating systems with additional software layers.
The new RZ Family of embedded MPUs is designed to meet the need for high-performance processing of 300 MHz and higher, and can be used with general-purpose operating systems such as Linux.
Based on the INTEGRITY Multivisor, this technology allows for seamless combination of a wide range of general-purpose operating systems on the same platform with critical real-time deterministic services.
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