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the good of a community


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Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 "It is the policy of the State to protect the interests of the consumer, promote the general welfare and establish standards of conduct for business and industry," it added.
The 200-foot exclusion represents a rational means of ensuring the general welfare of the city and is neither arbitrary nor unreasonable," Harris added.
PESHAWAR -- A reference Sunday was organized to remember late ANP stalwart Senator Haji Mohammad Adeel here in Ittefaq Kidney and General Welfare Hospital, Gulbahar the other day.
Delayne Gall RN, OCN is the 2016 Economic & General Welfare Council Achievement Award winner
In his sermon, Rahi beseeched politicians to work for the general welfare, for the welfare of love and mercy.
is Section 16 of the Local Government Code, or the General Welfare Clause that grants local governments 'the power to exercise just about any act that will benefit their constituencies.
Limited research has been undertaken to identify and integrate behavioral requirements of ostriches in such environments and to reduce potential stress through improving both reproductive performance of the birds and their general welfare.
No person may be deprived of his/her property or the rights deriving from it, unless the use of that property affects the general welfare of the public.
The initiative aims to promote the general welfare of tourist guides and strengthen their ties with the SCTDA, the tourism authority stated.
Emmeline Aglipay-Villar filed House Bill (HB) 5358, reminding that the Constitution provides the "protection of life, liberty, and property, and promotion of the general welfare.
The purpose of launching the website and a helpline for NRIs is to ensure the general welfare of NRIs from UP and in case of emergencies, monitor their problems and coordinate with the central government.
The donation will support the charity's URconnectABLE project that supports people with many issues, such as accessing independent/ supported housing, bene-fit advice and applications, accessing the community, home visits and general welfare issues.
The adversarial system should be rethought, because this throwback to the medieval mode of trial by combat, also called wager of battle and judicial duel, no longer can be justified in a time when the public interest and the general welfare must be served.
The Chief Minister commended the efforts of Pakistan Air Force and the Ski Federation for their role in the general welfare of the people with special emphasis on education to the locals.
Robert Levy, Chairman of the Cato Institute, discusses the historical conflict between the Commerce clause and the General Welfare clause as it relates to more recent decisions.
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