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the head of a religious order or congregation


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Carmen Sammut, general superior of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, as its next president.
In your letter you mention that the General Superior of the Loretto Sisters "denies any such avowal" as made in the news story in the Minneapolis-St.
General superior of the Loretto Sisters, which is known as one of the most liberal Catholic orders, is Sister Jane McDonell, who also spoke for women's ordination: "We can't allow to have ourselves silenced," she said.
El general superior de la Sociedad de Jesus desafio el mes pasado a colegios y universidades jesuitas de Estados Unidos, a que pasen a ser fuerzas dinamicas del cambio social.
It was during this period of change that Brennan was elected general superior of the Monroe, Mich.
Rita Larivee, who has moved to Quebec after being elected general superior of her order, the Sisters of St.
Rita Larivee, who was elected in August to be general superior of her religious order, the Sisters of St.
Anne, at which I was elected general superior for the next five years.
Denise Wilkinson, general superior of the Sisters of Providence.
Mary Whited, general superior of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, was elected president.
Howard is general superior of the 4,000-member School Sisters of Notre Dame, for whom a transfer is uncommon, she said.
Rosemary Howarth, the general superior of her religious order in Rome, Sr.
Marie Angela Natoli, general superior of the Immaculata community just outside of Philadelphia, the site today of a college by that name, conjectured that the founders of the order and all sisters who had gone before were imparting a message that those gathered at long last should "forgive one another and be at peace with one another.
In a quivering voice, Sister Ritamary Tan, general superior of the Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore, said Glinka would be the first to forgive.
Months back, looking for a theme for its 2010 conference, the International Union of General Superiors surveyed-its membership and "overwhelmingly" heard back, staff said, that there was a desire to explore the themes of "mysticism and prophecy.
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