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Synonyms for seating

arrangement of seats


Synonyms for seating

the service of ushering people to their seats

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CO: Lear Corporation; General Seating Thailand; NHK Spring ST: Michigan, Thailand IN: AUT SU: JVN
Tickets to the performance are $50 for general seating, $75 for preferred seating, $100 for premium seating and $35 for students and seniors.
Lear and NHK each will hold identical percentage shares in General Seating of Thailand, with Lear being the operating company.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Lear Seating Corporation (NYSE: LEA) announced today that its General Seating joint venture operation has received the prestigious President's Award from CAMI Automotive Inc.
Seven of Subaru's major suppliers will participate in the pilot, including: Heartland Automotive LLC, Elsa LLC, General Seating of America, Fuji Component Parts, HAPPICO, and Arvin-Kayaba LLC.
Tickets are $30 for cabaret seating, $20 general seating.
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