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Vanderheiden (1996) defined the term "transparent access" as the fundamental interaction technique necessary for general purpose computers, CAT devices, and software programs that are compatible and capable of running on the same operational system.
First, I find it hard to draw a sharp line between a general purpose computer running particular software, and a machine that contains a computer that has been "hard-wired" to run a particular program.
For example, the invention disclosure document should demonstrate that a process implemented using a computer does more than simply execute an otherwise known process on a general purpose computer.
After Alice, it is clear that a general purpose computer falls far short of this standard for an "inventive concept.
The wide variety of information access controls, combined with mandatory enforced process and memory separation in an easy to use general purpose computer system provides unmatched power and flexibility in creating high assurance, secure data sharing applications," said Andrew Earle, manager for Solutions Development.
Leahy also worked at Data General Corporation, a general purpose computer manufacturer, in the corporate finance group.
The ipKEY, less than an inch wide and three inches long, plugs into the USB port of a general purpose computer and downloads the Okapi iSCSI software in minutes.
It is not clear yet which of the rival qubit technologies will prove most effective as manufacturers try to scale up today's rudimentary systems into full-fledged general purpose computers, says Mr Mayberry.
The National Institutes of Health are re-competing the Electronic Computer Store contract, a government-wide acquisition contract for commercial off-the-shelf general purpose computers and peripherals.
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