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Today, however, general purpose computers have decoupled value and physicality: value now derives more from the software brains than the hardware brawn.
Savant Systems LLC, having lead the convergence of an open architecture platform to integrate automation and control, A/V switching, and general purpose computers, has announced the introduction of a downloadable application for Apple's iPod[R] and iPod[R] touch that runs natively on either device in order to provide 2-way control of any home system connected to one of Savant's innovative ROSIE automation systems.
This second Korean patent describes a modular input device shaped like a typical writing instrument for use with personal computers, palm top computers, personal digital assistants, wearable computers, desktop computers or other general purpose computers.
In addition, with a cleanable, all-in-one computer or thin-client design, the new Invitium line facilitates the move to paperless documentation, while featuring complete system-level electrical safety not commonly found with general purpose computers.
The different products significantly accelerate such searches relative to general purpose computers.
Additionally, point-of-sale systems today serve as general purpose computers running human resources, inventory management, radio frequency identification and other applications.
The system is based on NCR's System 3000 family of general purpose computers, complemented by new, NCR developed image technologies to provide superior flexibility and lower cost.
Lewis served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amdahl Corporation, a supplier of large, general purpose computers, storage systems, software products and consulting services.
NYSE: MZ) on July 19, the International Trade Commission has instituted an investigation of certain imported plastics molding machines having operator interfaces incorporating general purpose computers.
Founded in 1989, Unifi Communications Corporation develops software-based telecommunications systems that run on open, general purpose computers and allow users to unlock and control the power and intelligence of the public phone network.
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