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a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses

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Our patients know that the general practice setting is a safe place for them to acknowledge their feelings of depression and anxiety.
General practice in Wales is primarily delivered through GP partnerships where GPs lead teams of staff delivering a wide range of primary and community care services to their patients.
As many as one third of GPs in Scotland are considering plans to retire, while the increasing demands of the job mean convincing new doctors to commit to a career in general practice is becoming more challenging, with one in eight training posts unfilled.
He said the DHB, along with primary health organisation West Coast Primary Health, and Better Health, a company contracted to provide management services for general practices owned by the DHB, were helping with the practice's transition to the new owners.
I am concerned about the future number of doctors working in General Practice and I know this concern is shared by every GP.
As well as a worrying number of GPs considering retiring from the profession, the poll shows that one in five (19 per cent) of those GPs who responded were considering moving to part-time working, one in 10 are considering leaving the UK to work overseas, and seven per cent are contemplating leaving general practice to work in a different industry.
In terms of drug categories, the highest total cost associated with general practice prescriptions was for diabetes drugs, respiratory corticosteroids, analgesics, antiepileptics and oral nutrition products, in descending order.
The worrying prediction comes as health leaders in England today announce a PS10million investment to kick-start general practice there.
In these situations we will work closely with NHS England, who will ensure that people registered at that practice continue have access to safe and highquality general practice.
Only 20% of medical students are pursuing a career in general practice within the region but around 50% is needed to maintain the present workforce.
To suggest modern general practice is a part-time job is frankly ludicrous and insulting to my fellow professionals.
e campaign demands recognition from politicians and policymakers of the "unprecedented strain that general practice nds itself under".
PATIENT care is being put at risk due to a slump in the amount of NHS budget spent on general practice - now the lowest on record, a royal college has warned.
The RCGP believes the cash squeeze will leave Shocked Clare Gerada doctors in general practice facing their own PS2.
A better understanding of the particular ways of working and ethos of general practice will support sustainable partnerships, improve health care integration and eliminate misperceptions about general practice and general practice service delivery.
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