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the ledger that contains all of the financial accounts of a business

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XBRL for General Ledger also will impact CPAs in the future.
The original interpretation includes examples such as (1) adjusting, closing, combining or consolidating journal entries and (2) information normally contained in books of original entry and general ledger or subsidiary ledgers.
Referring to Item (2) of paragraph 4 for determining what is information "normally contained in books of original entry and general ledger or subsidiary ledgers," it would appear a good argument could be made for not considering such schedules as books of original entry and thus not providing them.
TO MAXIMIZE ITS TAX BENEFITS, A COMPANY MUST adjust its chart of accounts and general ledgers at each reporting location.
This tutorial covers the entries made in the general ledger to record securities and cash movements and how the stock record is to be maintained.
The key to solving this problem was to create a data warehouse using an extract of the general ledger in a Microsoft Access database.
Additionally, due to increased out-of-the-box functionality, in this release, faster data loads from our multiple general ledger databases will be realized, further increasing our efficiency.
With FRx ExpressLink, users can consolidate information from the general ledger before populating budget fields, as well as perform periodic updates of segments and balances.
With these new financial planning and analytics capabilities, CompassENTERPRISE now offers A&D organizations a powerful decision support system that truly fits their business -- an integrated combination of general ledger, project cost management, actual cost collection, and powerful multi- dimensional analysis, simulation, and forecasting capabilities not previously available anywhere.
PeopleSoft implemented General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Asset Management, and Purchasing in three months.
With the new release the product has evolved into a financial integration technology that provides ERP and mid-tier financial users with the ability to access data from general ledger and non-general ledger sources to create comprehensive, timely, financial reports for electronic distribution throughout the enterprise.
This same open-access, integrating capability enables drilling down to source data in non-Hyperion applications including data warehouses, competitive general ledgers, and all other operational systems.
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