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Synonyms for appearance

Synonyms for appearance

the act of coming into view


the act of arriving

the way something or someone looks

the character projected or given by someone to the public

Synonyms for appearance

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It adds to the joint efforts of improving the general appearance of Abu Dhabi Emirate, removing distorting elements, and raising the public awareness about the harmful effects of such blemishes.
Included are color photos; national tree numbers; information on the habitat, general appearance, main stems, shoots, thorns, leaves, pods, seeds, and inflorescence of each form; distribution maps; and scientific names and names in English, Afrikaans, and other languages.
As one of the many frequent users I am particularly grateful for this, not only from a purely practical point of new, but also the improvement in the general appearance of the area.
The system assigns a score of 1-3 to general appearance, heart rate, capillary refill, mucous membrane moisture, and skin turgor.
Apple claims the similarity of the Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab tablet to the iPhone and iPad, as well as the general appearance of the icons, infringe on Apple's trademarks.
uk international content director Dan Jones said: "The service records will provide millions of people with information to help them better understand what their heroic ancestors were like as soldiers, including their performance in battle, their health and details of their general appearance.
This is where food and drink manufacturers promote new products by emphasising the positive effect they can have on the hair, eyes, skin or general appearance.
It looks dramatic, especially with flashes of red here and there, and the general appearance of the fascia is smart, practical and ultra-modern.
I felt so depressed by the filth on the streets and the general appearance of the place that I was compelled to write to you at the time, doubting that it could ever live up to such a title.
The group gave the hotel a brief to improve design and presentation of the restaurant and conservatory, plus ideas to improve the ambience and general appearance of the 11-bedroom hotel.
There have been a number of community concerns about the project, including traffic, the parking structures, landscaping and the general appearance of the buildings, said Judy Lazar, a former mayor of Thousand Oaks who co-chaired a citizens advisory council that met with the developer.
When documenting the general appearance of the child, officers should note the body, face, head, and neck positions; rigor mortis; postmortem lividity (creating a drawing and depicting the pattern); birthmarks; body temperature; physical development; evidence of trauma; state of hydration; and any fluids (e.
She would be judged on personality, deportment and general appearance.
Receptionist observations can include noticing the general appearance of patients when they check in for a visit, noticing a history of broken appointments, dramatic unexpected complaints, or repeated requests for unusual prescriptions.
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