William Tecumseh Sherman

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United States general who was commander of all Union troops in the West


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During the Civil War, for example, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman ordered large-scale maps of the Southern States from the U.
Yet even the greatest animosities of our current era seldom reach the depth of the hatred that existed between General William Tecumseh Sherman and the newspapermen who followed his army.
It is fascinating to read of General William Tecumseh Sherman and Senator Stephan A.
Simi Valley and Beverly Hills police recovered a portion of Trujillo's collection that includes numerous, original photographs of General William Tecumseh Sherman by famed war photographer Matthew Brady.
Who recalls, for example, that General William Tecumseh Sherman refused to shake the hand of Secretary of War Edwin M.
Patton lived by the advice of Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman, who observed in his autobiography, "Some men think that modern armies may be so regulated that a general can sit in an office and play on his several columns as on the keys of a piano.
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