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an ordinary verdict declaring which party prevails without any special findings of fact

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Specifically, in complex cases that require many factual findings, the general verdict offers little guidance to jurors.
49) Second, the form of verdict submitted--whether it is a traditional general verdict, a special verdict, or a general verdict with interrogatories--may be relevant to the likelihood of inconsistencies in the verdict, which in turn may determine the applicability of the flowchart verdict sheets.
findings made are a general verdict, then the appellate court would only
If two or more issues relating to a single claim for damages have been submitted to a jury on a general verdict form, an error affecting only one of the issues will not invalidate the verdict.
A general verdict is often just a number, preceded by a dollar sign, without a rationale or specific finding of degrees of fault.
Both teams to score 1pt 4-5 general VERDICT Malouda Wolves have started slowly on a number of occasions this season - they have conceded the first goal in 60 per cent of matches - and it may be a similar story tonight.
This holiday season, the general verdict is that sales will improve--not the exciting news we were hoping for, but generally, good.
According to Roebuck, the general verdict is that the series is too close to call.
This general verdict raises the question of the utility of a general book devoted to the topic of local government reform over the past two decades.
The residents' general verdict was anything is better than what we have got at the moment.
So although the jury is still out - on the winner at least - the more general verdict is long agreed.
Disappointing was the general verdict but, in hindsight, keeping them in the Premiership was in itself a significant feat.
Where the comparative negligence of the parties in any such action is an issue, the jury shall return special verdicts, or in the absence of a jury, the court shall make special findings, determining the percentage of negligence attributable to each of the parties, and determining the total amount of damages sustained by each of the claimants, and the entry of judgment shall be made by the court; No general verdict shall be returned by the jury.
And the general verdict was the food went down a treat.
To reinforce the message, the CIVB has conducted a nationwide roadshow giving members of the trade a hands-on opportunity to taste the wines, and as it passed through Birmingham, I took full advantage to see what was on offer My general verdict was that the standard overall was good, and many wines were worthy of attention.
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