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the Israeli domestic counterintelligence and internal security agency

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Bosses at the General Security Services Corporation, which runs the scheme for the Scottish Office, were astounded when Warren removed his tag without activating an alarm.
The Scottish Office have now ordered officials at the private company running the tagging scheme, General Security Services Corporation (GSSC), to check their tags on all offenders.
One arranged meeting after another failed to materialize as Israel's General Security Services (Shabak), conducted a holy war against its operatives.
LSG provides general security services, K9 patrol teams and "Special Services" for explosives and narcotics.
The report said 12 patients (three females and five males) were called for interrogation by Israeli General Security Services (GSS) as a condition to process their application, fewer than the previous month when 37 patients who applied for permits were called for GSS interviews.
He added that security duties assigned for the general security services
LOS ANGELES, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Spear Security provides Security Management Services in the areas of General Security Services, Corporate Security Management, and Security Guard Services for most important people and businesses in California.
A spokeswoman for General Security Services Corporation, who are running pilot tagging schemes in Aberdeen, Peterhead and Hamilton, admitted the system was open to abuse.
OTC:ABSH) ("ABS"), an Omaha based technology company that provides real-time monitoring and tracking of adults and juveniles released from incarceration as a criminal justice rehabilitative alternative, has announced the signing of an agreement with General Security Services Corporation (GSSC) to supply the ABS<ComTrak(R) System and the ABS<ComGuard(TM) house arrest unit for resale to GSSC's customers.
JERUSALEM, August 7, 2012 (WAFA) -- The Israeli High Court of Justice rejected two petitions calling to open a criminal investigation into every complaint of torture or abuse of suspects during interrogation conducted by the Israeli General Security Services (GSS), also known as the Shin Bet, Tuesday reported the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
It is not surprising, therefore, that it is frantically looking for "who is behind the demonstrations" -- the Muslim Brotherhood, Bin Laden, IranC* The former head of the General Security Services, Avi Dichter, even explained to us on television that the surprise of the Israeli intelligence authorities should not worry usC*because they don't possess the tools to predict popular uprisings (he even unashamedly reminded us that he and his friends did not predict either the First or Second Intifadas) or regime changes.
This integration provides clients with efficient and cost-effective information assurance services, to include vulnerability scanning and mitigation, DITSCAP/ITSCAP/NIACAPs, Certificate of Networthiness applications, development and staffing of security operations centers (NOSCs), and general security services advisements.
The report said nine female and 10 male patients were called for interrogation by the Israeli General Security Services (GSS).
It is likely that US Consulate General security services would only enter the West Bank as bodyguards, for example when providing security for a visiting American diplomat.
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