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the Israeli domestic counterintelligence and internal security agency

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Following his application for the hospital appointment on July 16, Israeli General Security Services requested that Zourub attend for security interrogation at Erez on that day.
Bosses at the General Security Services Corporation, which runs the scheme for the Scottish Office, were astounded when Warren removed his tag without activating an alarm.
The Scottish Office have now ordered officials at the private company running the tagging scheme, General Security Services Corporation (GSSC), to check their tags on all offenders.
One arranged meeting after another failed to materialize as Israel's General Security Services (Shabak), conducted a holy war against its operatives.
LSG provides general security services, K9 patrol teams and "Special Services" for explosives and narcotics.
WHO said 24 patients (13 males and 11 females) were requested for interrogation by the Israeli General Security Services at Erez during September.
As for security interrogations: 15 patients, among them 2 females, were requested by the General Security Services for interviews at Erez during September.
Lot 2 General security services (guarding, door supervision, major events, open days, arrivals weekends, sporting fixtures and graduation ceremonies);
He added that security duties assigned for the general security services
Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers and General Security Services (GSS) agents uncovered seven weapons smuggling tunnels in 36 hours, an IDF spokesperson said Thursday.
A spokeswoman for General Security Services Corporation, who are running pilot tagging schemes in Aberdeen, Peterhead and Hamilton, admitted the system was open to abuse.
OTC:ABSH) ("ABS"), an Omaha based technology company that provides real-time monitoring and tracking of adults and juveniles released from incarceration as a criminal justice rehabilitative alternative, has announced the signing of an agreement with General Security Services Corporation (GSSC) to supply the ABS<ComTrak(R) System and the ABS<ComGuard(TM) house arrest unit for resale to GSSC's customers.
In addition, more than half of patient companions were delayed or denied permits while 62 patients (44 males; 18 females) were requested for interrogation by the Israeli General Security Services at the crossing.
procurement content consists of general security services upon arrival center, including security, access control, perimeter protection, evacuation support, alarm emergency, mail management, parking control.
In particular, the complaints call for investigations of former Israeli Minister of Defence, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer; former Chief of Staff of the Israeli military, Shaul Mofaz; former head of Israel's General Security Services, Avi Dichter; and former head of the Israeli military Southern Command, Doron Almoge.
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