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United States general who was the first African American to serve as chief of staff

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Watch this space and our Web site for details as we develop this event celebrating "the lively interplay among some of the finest minds committed to the profession of arms," as General Powell stated.
Swartz had an occasion in September 1990 to visit the Joint Staff J8 office to get input on a project he was working on for General Powell.
Such decisions dictate strategy, as General Powell noted in 1989.
military and civilian awards, General Powell knows what it's like to confront extreme global and security challenges.
The Canadian public, having no appetite for expansion of the war on terror on the fragile grounds presented to the UN by General Powell, declined to join in on the Iraq attack.
This year's Iftaar reception hosted by Consul General Powell and attended by Ambassador and Mrs.
The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism,'' General Powell wrote.
Join General Powell as he draws on examples garnered from experience as both a leader on the world stage and as eyewitness to leadership in action.
During these initial days the Instant Thunder staff also briefed General Powell.
Elizabeth Roads, Lyon Clerk at the Court of Lord Lyon, said: ``Like many Americans, General Powell is keen to know his ancestors and is obviously proud of his Scottish links.
We reminded General Powell that we expect the US to comply with the WTO ruling", a European Commission spokesman said.
Thanks to the bombs, even mentioning the toolbox, as General Powell did in the days leading up to the beginning of the war, can itself be an effective tool.
18) Live reporting frustrated General Powell, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, because armchair strategists were critiquing General Max Thurman's operations as they unfolded.
Working under Caspar Weinberger in the 1980s, General Powell developed a military doctrine that I would term "Don't Ever Fight.
It was uncertain whether after a seemingly warm and friendly meeting with Sharon, General Powell would even be allowed to meet with Chairman Arafat, held under siege in the ruins of his bombed-out headquarters in Ramallah.
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