Douglas MacArthur

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United States general who served as chief of staff and commanded Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II


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Americans should feel ashamed by the disgraceful acts of some of our military and civilian leaders from early in the last century: Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt, General McArthur, even Eisenhower
On one run, Fred participated in flying General McArthur and his staff from the Philippines to Australia.
Throwing myself into the research mode once again, I have uncovered a great deal of information related to the War of 1812, in particular a raid by General McArthur on what was then in our area both a county and Six Nations Territory.
The Korean War made all the difference and Truman did not hesitate to dismiss General McArthur.
This two-part documentary examines the conspiracy theories behind the treasure - taking in Yakuza gangsters, the Japanese Imperial Family and, when the US liberated the Philippines, General McArthur himself.
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