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King's Canyon - The couple could head to Fresno and see the world's second largest tree, the 260ft-high General Grant.
The Court also pointed out that case law that preceded Chevron, suggesting that less deference to a regulation is required when a regulation is adopted under a general grant of authority to an agency as opposed to a specific grant of authority, had been superceded by the Court's opinion in Mead Corp.
The Lincoln Memorial and the statue of General Grant symbolize the momentous war that ended slavery and saved the Union.
Specifically, the new regulations govern general grant requirements, funding guidelines, eligibility requirements, the use of grant moneys, and reporting requirements.
General Grant, as it would appear, had no settled conviction on the subject of religion.
The Cressey Family Charitable Trust, a general grant making private foundation, was created to benefit the Eugene Public Library and other similar organizations in Eugene and Springfield.
One explanation is that Congress did not include a general grant to the citizenry of a right to sue, which would constitute, in effect, an invitation to do so.
Reliance on the telegraph was the culmination of a transformative process for both the president and General Grant.
But General Grant National Monument--commonly known as Grant's Tomb--is sure to fascinate history and architecture aficionados alike.
And General Grant might have waited just as long for the tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline that are used to treat tension-type headaches today.
Craig recently received word from the Louisville Institute that his general grant proposal, "Preaching in Times of Congregational Transition," was ranked #1 by their Board and that LSTC will receive a grant of approximately $40,000 for his research.
The case discussed here has to do with nonsmoking regulations in Toledo, Ohio, that were adopted pursuant to the board of health's general grant of powers.
The wire dispatches Rosecrans sent to Washington sounded like those of an already defeated commander; thus, President Lincoln wired General Grant and informed him either to retain Rosecrans or replace him as he saw fit.
McMasters' Dereliction of Duty, about the failures of the Vietnam-era Joint Chiefs of Staff But these are both professional studies, holding far more in common with the memoirs of General Grant than with those of Robert Graves or Siegfried Sassoon or Joseph Heller.
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