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1st President of the United States

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See David Hackett Fischer, Washington's Crossing (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), 273; Lengel, General George Washington, 196; Chernow, Washington: A Life, 196.
Robert Middlekauff has written a morally generous and politically shrewd account of how constitutional, revolutionary, paradoxical, and politically formative was General George Washington, even before his two terms as president.
Czuboka evinces what General George Washington called "a passionate attachment" to that country.
El 27 de agosto de 1776, a un mes de promulgada la Declaracion de Independencia de los Estados Unidos de America, y en plena guerra contra el ejercito imperial britanico, el general George Washington, nacido en Virginia y comandante de las milicias revolucionarias, ordeno a un hombre de su confianza reclutar voluntarios para que sirvieran como espias en los estados de Pensilvania, Nueva York, Nueva Jersey y las seis antiguas colonias de Nueva Inglaterra, territorios ocupados por los ingleses.
Most interestingly, it involves General George Washington in a much more direct and intensive manner than most of us have realized.
Joseph Warren, a respected Boston physician, and shifts to General George Washington after the battle of Bunker Hill.
On 6 March 1781, General George Washington boarded Due de Bourgogne in Newport to meet with all the senior French land and naval commanders--one of the very few occasions that Washington is known to have visited a warship.
General George Washington saw a protracted fight with the motherland as inevitable and was put off by a Continental Congress "still feeding themselves on the dainty food of reconciliation.
General George Washington, leader of the Continental Army, needs to be kept aware of British movements in New York and Long Island.
According to Kretchik, General George Washington realized by 1778 that the Continental Army needed a standardized doctrine to regulate tactical warfare procedures.
In 1779-80, while General George Washington pondered the British stronghold in New York City, he needed a place to camp the bulk of his Continental Army.
Given the large number of Africans and African Americans in the colonies, together with a sizeable percentage of whites who remained loyal to Britain, the November 1775 decision by General George Washington and the Continental Congress to cease the enlistment of slaves temporarily handed the military advantage to the Crown.
Army Corps of Engineers was born on 16 June 1775, when General George Washington appointed Colonel Richard Gridley as "Chief Engineer" of the Continental Army.
It was suggested to General George Washington, the first President of the USA that it was in the interest of his country to either impose martial law or declare himself king, he wisely declined and stepped down to allow the nascent democracy to take roots in the country, he had the honour of founding.
General George Washington founded the US Army JAG Corps on July 29, 1775, with the appointment of William Tudor as the Judge Advocate General.
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