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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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The Catholic Church claims 4,184 clergy were killed during the war by the Government, or Republican, side, which accused the Church of backing fascist General Francisco Franco.
But General Francisco Franco, who commanded the anti-Communist forces in Spain, had been forced to go to the Italian air force for help and Hilaire was on their blacklist because of his recent attempt to help Haile Selassie in Ethiopia.
Others accused Escriva of supporting the regime of General Francisco Franco, who died in 1975, because members of Opus Dei had been government ministers in Madrid under the Spanish dictator.
In July 1936 fascist General Francisco Franco led a military revolt against the Republican Spanish government.
Drafted in 1978 after the death of the dictator General Francisco Franco, who had imposed Catholicism as a state doctrine, the Spanish Constitution now requires a secular government.
Maciej Marian Giertych, a Polish MEP from the League of Polish Families, lauds Spanish fascist leader General Francisco Franco.
HUNDREDS of right-wing demonstrators made stiff-armed fascist salutes and shouted insults against gays, Muslims and immigrants at a rally yesterday marking the 30th anniversary of the death of dictator General Francisco Franco.
The long-scheduled ceremony came just two days ahead of Spain's socialist government under Prime Minister Zapatoro, preparing to pass legislation blotting out the memory of General Francisco Franco, who led the revolt against the Liberal-Marxist government, defeating its last remnants in 1939 just before Nazi Germany and Stalin's Bolshevik regime signed a pact to divide Poland among themselves and start World War II.
Complutense de Madrid, Spain), the decades-long process of tax reform begun shortly after the demise of General Francisco Franco is the most identifiable key factor behind the "Spanish economic miracle.
com/, including stories of a long life that witnessed Spain's Civil War and years of dictatorship under General Francisco Franco.
More specifically Brian Bunk examines the "memoralization" of the traumatic revolutionary labour movement that erupted in Asturias and was brutally repressed by the armed forces under no other than General Francisco Franco.
The rebel side was led by fascist General Francisco Franco who was backed by Hitler and Mussolini.
The protest was called to mark the anniversary of the country's Second Republic, proclaimed on April 14, 1931, and followed by 40 years of dictatorship under General Francisco Franco after a 1936-39 civil war.
1936 Spanish Civil War starts as General Francisco Franco leads army forces in revolt against the government.
London, June 21(ANI): Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco had reportedly ordered his provincial governors to compile a list of Jews, which could have sent thousands to their deaths in the extermination camps run by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.
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