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German field marshal noted for brilliant generalship in North Africa during World War II (1891-1944)

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Despite being grilled by the Gestapo, the British soldier refused to talk and was hauled before famed German general Erwin Rommel.
London, December 31 ( ANI ): German general Erwin Rommel, who was accused of plotting to kill Hitler, told his teenage son he had been ordered to kill himself by the Nazi dictator, a newly discovered letter has revealed.
In July, General Erwin Rommel and his panzers were only 70 miles from Alexandria, a situation serious enough for Churchill to fly out to Egypt.
One could cite another historical example where an enemy general was greatly esteemed: during World War II, many Allied leaders--including British and American generals--did not conceal their admiration for the Afrika Korp's General Erwin Rommel, known as "the Desert Fox", and were in search of generals who could outwit him on the battlefield.
10) General Erwin Rommel was a competent amateur pilot and occasionally flew personal recce missions.
7th Batt Scotland "Fightin Division the wor Famo of EE Famously, the unit's soldiers saw off Hitler's greatest general Erwin Rommel at the battles of El Alamein and Wadi Akarit.
Torpedo Junction: Rommel the Ocean Fox in the Pacific" is an alternative history that tells a story of if famed German General Erwin Rommel had been born on the other side of the Atlantic, and was charged with protecting the pacific against the rising threats of the Japanese.
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