Dwight D. Eisenhower

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United States general who supervised the invasion of Normandy and the defeat of Nazi Germany

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It is the image of the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces, General Dwight Eisenhower addressing the troops of the American 101st Airborne the day before D-Day.
The signing took place in the 'War Room' in the temporary headquarters of General Dwight Eisenhower.
Just a day before it was to cross the Rhine into Germany, the Sixth Army Group, led by General Jacob Devers, was halted in its tracks by General Dwight Eisenhower.
O desembarque das tropas aliadas na Normandia, em 6 de junho de 1944, associaria o "D" do presidente Delano Roosevelt ao "D" do general Dwight Eisenhower.
1 General Dwight Eisenhower, 2 Edmonton, 3 Maurice Gibb,4 Arthur Miller, 5 Part of Carry On Up The Khyber was filmed on the Watkin Path, 6 Friday, 7 Switzerland, 8 Chris Evert, 9 Sydney, Australia 10 1999
At one point, General Dwight Eisenhower thought he was about to be sacked by General George Marshall, only to find out that Marshall had promoted him
Some of the VIPs treated to Bosphorus cruises include first ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton (1953 and 1999, respectively), General Douglas MacArthur (1932) and NATO Supreme Commander General Dwight Eisenhower (1952).
As is usual for the company, Film Factory spent several months researching locations and sourcing equipment for the award winning IKE movie, which starred Tom Selleck as US Army General Dwight Eisenhower and New Zealand actor Ian Mune as Winston Churchill.
president and general Dwight Eisenhower as "hitting a bullet with another bullet.
Troops board landing craft in D-Day In Colour, main picture, David Lyon as General Dwight Eisenhower in D-Day, bottom right, and John Suchet, bottom left, reports on Remembrance services for D-Day Despatches
It was the first taste of combat for General Dwight Eisenhower.
Planning for "Operation Overlord" had been under way for about a year when General Dwight Eisenhower, commander of all the Allied forces in Europe, was ordered in February 1944 to invade the continent.
4 NOVIEMBRE: El general Dwight Eisenhower es elegido presidente de EU.
He served during World War II at the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force and was decorated by General Dwight Eisenhower.
Suppose his commitment to doing what is right, combined with specific church teaching, had led him to say, as General Dwight Eisenhower said at the time, that we must not drop atomic bombs on cities.
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