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United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)

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Cast as incompetent, a war hero, the life of General Custer is an intriguing one.
Work on a similar tribute, this time to Lakota Sioux chief Crazy Horse - famous for beating General Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn - is slowly taking shape only 17 miles away.
While Kahmunrah has the help of Napoleon, Al Capone and Ivan the Terrible, Larry can call on the Tuskegee Airmen, General Custer (Bill Hader), and a collection of Albert Einstein bobblehead dolls.
It's not quite the last stand yet, but we know how General Custer must have felt.
At least one of her great grandmothers had been with the Northern Cheyennes when they and the Sioux destroyed General Custer and the Seventh Cavalry, and, since it was the Cheyennes who were camped on the Little Bighorn just opposite the hill they were about to immortalize, the Cheyenne squaws were among the first to work the field over after the battle.
After General Custer captured seven Shenandoah farmers in Loudon County, Virginia, who he suspected were Mosby's raiders and hanged them without trial, Mosby retaliated by creating a lottery to hang seven of Custer's Union men being held as prisoners.
BORN GEORGE Orwell, English writer, 1903 RICKY Gervais, English comic, 1961, above GEORGE Michael, musician, 1963 DIED TONY Hancock, UK comedian, 1968, above GENERAL Custer, US army commander, 1876 JACQUES Cousteau, explorer, 1997
The head of an Indian tribe tries to protect his community from the American General Custer and his troops during the 1870s, leading to the Great Sioux War of 1876 1954 ?
It was about the life of General Custer but I cannot remember who played him.
There is also a unique painting on paper of General Custer, with a starting price of $55,000, which is the only known painting of Custer executed by Warhol.
The Sioux Indians, led by Crazy Horse, killed General Custer (pictured) and all 264 soldiers of his 7th US Cavalry.
Coyote versus Road Runner or General Custer versus Chief Sitting Bull.
The Americans are particularly good at finding these, and seldom does a Kentucky Derby slip through the net these days without heart-tugging tales being unearthed of some child with a special rapport with the winner, or of some tobacco-chawin' old-timer who's been trying to win it since General Custer had his ride in the country spoiled.
The Birmingham maker of guns - including pistols for General Custer - was bought by Airgun-sport for pounds 1 million last year after falling sales triggered the collapse of its Rubery-based operations.
MILITARY archaeologist Douglas Scott turned up at a battlefield site near Nuneaton - and took General Custer along with him.
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