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Synonyms for chemistry

the science of matter

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the chemical composition and properties of a substance or object

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the way two individuals relate to each other

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Students in the general and vascular concentrations also take Abdominal Sonography Students in the program must have taken a general chemistry course, plus biology and algebra, within the previous five years.
Systems for general chemistry, analytical instruments and life science are offered.
Neal Court has been hired by Oregon Medical Laboratories as technical specialist overseeing general chemistry testing.
history, sociology and general chemistry classes, Christopher learned that he's not much of a humanities guy.
Freilich (1989) also examined effects of frequent quizzing on student performance in a general chemistry course.
In addition to demonstrating the experimental foundation for the Rayleigh scattering model, this experiment will reinforce concepts related to color and light-particle interactions and give General Chemistry (or General Physics) students hands-on experience with laser technology rarely encountered in undergraduate courses.
This high school textbook helped provide valuable information on sulfur, sulfuric acid, and general chemistry principles: Chemistry: Concepts and Applications (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2002).
1994) which sought to increase the number of students with physical disabilities (particularly those who used wheelchairs) who took General Chemistry classes, which are generally a requirement for entry into Professional Schools, such as Pharmacy or Medical schools.
Kricka, DPhil, FACB, FRCPath, CChem, FRSC, is Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Director of the General Chemistry Laboratory at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
His chemistry textbook, General Chemistry, made chemistry accessible to large numbers of college students and shaped the thinking of generations of professional chemists.
The general chemistry area has been expanded to increase the range of testing offered and to strengthen the scope of non food grocery product testing.
It consists of a Director's Office, General Chemistry Branch, Pesticide Chemistry Branch, Veterinary Sciences Branch, Microbiology Branch, Animal Drug Research Center and a Total Diet and Pesticide Research Center.
A General Chemistry laboratory exercise has been modified to make it completely safe for students who have physical disabilities.
Molecular orbital theory, which accounts for chemical bonding by describing where electrons are likely to be found around a molecule, is presented in today's general chemistry courses as a modern refinement of Kekule's valence bond theory, which describes how electrons localized around atoms interact to form bonds.
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