General Charles de Gaulle

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French general and statesman who became very popular during World War II as the leader of the Free French forces in exile (1890-1970)

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Roosevelt, above, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and French General Charles de Gaulle opened a wartime conference in Casablanca.
In the meantime, praise for General Charles de Gaulle for his "honorable position" in 1967 is pulled from circulation, and so is praise for the commendable French attempts for differentiation from U.
It was led by German Federal chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French president General Charles de Gaulle which signalled the creation of the European Union.
00 local time, General Charles de Gaulle - leader of the Free French who had been living in exile in London since the Fall of France in 1940 - entered the city.
C'est dans le cadre de cette vision qu'ils avaient decide d'enterrer la troupe de theatre de la Maamoura, heritiere de la troupe marocaine de theatre, creee du temps du protectorat francais au Maroc dans le sillage de la politique de la culture generalisee, decidee dans le cadre du plan de democratisation de la culture de l'ecrivain Andre Malraux, alors responsable du secteur, sur recommandation du general Charles De Gaulle.
The property, located in the heart of Lebanese capital, is nestled near the historic Raouche Rock, in General Charles De Gaulle Avenue.
1959: De Gaulle becomes president General Charles de Gaulle, pictured left, is proclaimed first President of the new Fifth Republic in France during a brief ceremony at the Elyse Palace in Paris.
That made him even more unpopular than General Charles de Gaulle in 1968 - when millions took to the streets to demand an overhaul of French society.
military base for 20 years before French General Charles de Gaulle decided to close it and withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the daily reported.
El dia del chacal (1971), fue escrita por Frederick Forsyth con base en un atentado fallido al general Charles de Gaulle.
THE legendary General Charles de Gaulle led the Free French wartime resistance from London, after his country had capitulated to Hitler in 1940.
Held under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, this Moroccan-French meeting, which brings together some 300 participants, will be dedicated to the commemoration of the works of two great historical figures who have left their mark on the contemporary history of the two countries, King Mohammed V and General Charles De Gaulle.
Churchill's World War II diary charts his meetings with US president Franklin Roosevelt, France's General Charles de Gaulle and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.
Summary: Fifty years ago, General Charles de Gaulle seized power in France in what was, in essence, a legal coup d'etat.
Or indeed that it had hosted General Charles de Gaulle and the Free French leaders during the Second World War.
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