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United States general who played an important role in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)

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Caring for People allows us the unique opportunity to facilitate full collaboration throughout the Air Force," General Bradley said.
General Bradley said having the Tuskegee Airmen present added to the historic occasion.
General Bradley said the Air Force Reserve is entering a new era, which is vastly different than 1958, the year the air reserve technician program was created.
General Bradley said that getting on board with the F-22 mission was one of his top priorities.
General Bradley presented the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award streamer to Col.
Change may start at the top, but it is only effective when understood and accepted by every Airman," General Bradley said.
General Bradley even joked to reporters about the impending liberation, "why don't you liberate it yourselves?
The friendship between Eisenhower and General Bradley was equally damaged but much more rapidly, stemming from what Bradley felt was a betrayal.
5pts e-w 20-1 general Steve Webster 1pt e-w 60-1 Hills Charl Schwartzel 1pt e-w 40-1 general Bradley Dredge 1pt e-w 66-1 Hills Thomas Levet 0.
His first message to General Bradley, the Commander of all American ground forces on D-Day, was: "Thank God for the United States Navy
I believe that associate units, such as we have here at Holloman, are the best way forward to maximize the Air Force's combat effectiveness and harness the inherent synergies we share between the active and reserve forces," General Bradley said.
0900 -General Eisenhower authorises release of communique announcing the invasion has begun and General Bradley calls for reinforcements.
The US First Army led by General Bradley took the Utah and Omaha beaches in the west, the British Second Army, under General Dempsey, landed on Gold, Juno and Sword in the east.
General Bradley took over 12th Army Group after D-Day, with General Hodges assuming command of First Army and retaining it until retirement after the war.
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