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United States general who played an important role in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)

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General Bradley even joked to reporters about the impending liberation, "why don't you liberate it yourselves?
After (he change of command is complete, General Bradley, who assumed the Reserve's top leadership position in June 2004, will officially retire from the Air Force after 41 years of service.
General Bradley said everything would go all right, so why should I worry.
Our family will be forever grateful for the willingness of officers such as General Bradley and Colonel Bright to take the time to thank an old fly-boy who was so very touched to receive not one but two letters, extending the gratitude of the U.
In July 2006, General Bradley appointed a general officer to lead a promotion working group comprised of representatives from different functional areas.
General Bradley regretted to the end of his life his acceptance of General MacArthur's assurance that the Chinese would not intervene, noting that a general's job is to base advice on the enemy's capabilities, not his intentions.
General Bradley formally unveiled the AFRC Strategic Plan 2007-2009 during a senior leadership conference in February.
The author's viewing of the D-Day operation through the lens of the Cotentin Peninsula campaign and in comparison to Omaha Beach refutes the oft-quoted comment by General Bradley that "Utah Beach was a piece of cake.
General Bradley told a group of assembled Airmen Dec.
In light of the ongoing Total Force Integration initiatives, Air Force Reserve Command has secured enough OTS class seats to accommodate all Air Force Reserve line officer candidates," wrote General Bradley in a memo to his commanders in June.
Our Reservists are being asked to participate more now than they've ever been asked before," General Bradley said.
This is a most wonderful day for Air Force Reserve Command because we have officially stood up our first F-22 associate squadron and its group," General Bradley said.
As an example of progress, General Bradley cited Reservists preparing to fly F-22s with the regular Air Force in Alaska, Reservists flying their own C-17s in California, and Reservists standing up and managing a C-130 unit in North Carolina with an active associate unit.
It is exciting to, at this point, have the Reserve invited to participate in this mission with Pacific Air Forces," General Bradley said.
General Bradley issued a personal thanks to the 939th members for "every single day spent away from jobs and families.
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