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group of Baptist congregations believing the teachings of the Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius (who opposed the doctrine of strict predestination of the Calvinists)

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Four groups of Anabaptists and Baptists emerge out of the narratives: two types of German Anabaptists, the English Particular Baptists, and the English General Baptists.
Although General Baptists pioneered the office, after ca.
The New Connection of General Baptists, formed with Taylor's leadership in 1770, delineated six Articles of Religion in an effort "to revive Experimental Religion or Primitive Christianity.
Thomas Grantham (1633-1692) and General Baptist Theology.
Attaway, was a lace-maker and member of Bell-Alley Church, a General Baptist congregation in London.
The records of the Fenstanton Baptist Church provide a lens through which to view the journey that one group of General Baptists made in dealing with the specific issue of women's moral agency.
Historians also attribute the survival of the evangelical General Baptists who formed the "New Connection" in the late eighteenth century to their Wesleyan-inspired revivalism and their traditional, non-rationalist Trinitarian commitments.
The two main strands were known as General Baptists and Particular Baptists.
Whiston referenced eleven commendable characteristics of the General Baptists "for I have no Acquaintance with the Calvinist or Particular Baptists at all," (38) as noted below:
Baptist groups are many and varied: American Baptists, Southern Baptists, Alliance of Baptists, Independent Baptists, General Baptists.
The Tribe of Dan: The New Connexion of General Baptists 1770-1891: A Study in the Transition from Revival Movement to Established Denominations.
In England, Dan Taylor and the New Connection General Baptists drank deeply at the Wesleyan wells.
Chapters two and three are about the English General Baptists and the English Particular Baptists, respectively.
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