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will marry two key advanced technologies that will result in a diagnostic system constituting the next generation of gene probe technology and provide advanced diagnostic systems to address a wide range of research and clinical situations.
In fact, in this case all specific CYP21A2 gene probes might also recognize the pseudogene sequence showing a ratio > 1.
When used in prenatal diagnosis or embryo selection the data from newly developed gene probes can be a boon or a dilemma.
Target gene probe sets containing 150, 300, and 600 fmol of CE, blocking probe, and LE, respectively, were added to the lysate.
We thank Matthew Waldor for the SXT and rstR gene probes and Afjal Hossain for secretarial assistance.
Revenues from our MDS system set a new record in the fourth quarter, reflecting growing market demand for our unique gene probe imaging capabilities.
AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- GeneDetect (Bradenton, Florida and Auckland, New Zealand), a leading supplier of products and services to academic and government research institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, announced today that it plans to divest its branded GeneDetect(R) and GreenStar hyperlabeled gene probe product ranges to allow the company to pursue alternative strategic opportunities.
In January 1995, Bio-Reference completed its acquisition of GenCare Biomedical Research Corporation, a cancer reference laboratory offering state-of-the-art DNA gene probe technology, flow cytometry and tumor markers used in the diagnosis and evaluation of cancer patients.
In addition, customers will have password-protected access to microarray probe sequences for each gene probe.
tuberculosis complex-specific gene probes (ACCUProbe) were positive.
Biotechnology includes; DNA (the coding), genomics, pharmaco-genetics, gene probes, DNA sequencing/synthesis/amplification, genetic engineering; Proteins and molecules (the functional blocks): protein/peptide sequencing/synthesis, lipid/protein glyco-engineering, proteomics, hormones, and growth factors, cell receptors/signalling/pheromones.
Ireland is a world leader in Atlantic salmon molecular ecology and it is seen as vital to maintain a competitive edge in the research and application of novel gene probes," said Professor Tom Cross of the Zoology Department at NUI Cork.
Oncor plans the development of a panel of chromosome- specific telomere gene probes that it anticipates will provide scientists with a valuable tool for the identification and characterization of these changes.