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a specific gene that produces a recognizable trait and can be used in family or population studies

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His goal is to determine if specific loci targeted by the MSH3 deficiency might be good candidates for metastasis-specific gene markers.
By studying gene markers, or autoantibodies, like that found in Caleb's blood, researchers can better predict who will develop the disease and when.
This is a strategic initiative that places Pfizer at the forefront of livestock gene marker R&D and enhances Pfizer's ability to offer more complete solutions to global livestock producers," says Pfizer Animal Health Pres.
Tomorrow's gene markers will guide us to the health medicines that have been hidden in our fruits and vegetables.
But we can use these gene markers in connection with past studies and traditional breeding techniques, to improve it and to get a greater consistency of product.
Lab technicians analyse the hair for gene markers relating to eating quality of beef, and rate them on a scale of one to five.
An abnormality in one of two gene markers, for example, can raise a woman's risk for ovarian cancer by as much as 50 percent.
We now have potential gene markers to help identify diabetes patients at increased risk for heart disease," said Dr.
The cocktail includes two gene markers, one a COunterselectable gene whose absence can be selected for, one a REporter whose presence can be selected for.
He identifies specific gene markers on the genomes of animals he is studying, then looks to see if markers are also found in the genomes of other individual animals.
Now we're talking about small numbers of animals and gene markers, but what will happen in the future is that scientists will either add or knock out genes in primates to see what happens.
But breast cancer is much more complex than indicated by these three subtypes, and one of the challenges of treating the disease is to identify gene markers that predict how a tumor will respond to a specific treatment," says senior investigator Edith Perez, M.
All three of those DNA samples resulted in exact matches for Knight with gene markers of R1B Y DNA with QM242 with a DNA sequence of TACTGATCG indicating a person of French European descent.
This collaboration will enable the groups to pool data for meta-analysis leading to more rapid progress in the identification of the genes and suitable gene markers for use in genomic selection against disease susceptibility.