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Genset created SignalTag(TM), a gene library of over 3,000 full length
Somehow, even though a billion years of genome evolution separate a bacterium living on a cow and a bacterium living on a human, both are accessing the same gene library," Alm says.
A robust promoter toolbox can further leverage Monsanto's extensive gene library and lead to the development of more biotechnology-based crop products with a greater number of characteristics such as higher yield, and tolerance to insects, weeds and other stresses," Padgette said.
Astellas' decision to begin screening this target from Metabolex's gene library further underscores our expertise in understanding the molecular underpinnings of insulin resistance.
Finally, the scientists located nine animals in Switzerland's Zurich Zoo that had come from the same area of eastern Madagascar as did the lemur that contributed the DNA sequence to the gene library.
DNA collected from those who volunteer will be held in an anonymous gene library and made available to heart researchers across the UK.
With offices in California and coverage on the East Coast Sloning is well positioned to address the gene library applications and business needs of protein engineers all across North America.
Instead of looking for the gene in the lab, Olson went to the library--the gene library, that is.