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However the phylum Bacteroidetes was not found in 16S-RNA gene library created from rhizosphere of Chakwal-50 (Figure 1 and Figure 2).
Finally, the scientists located nine animals in Switzerland's Zurich Zoo that had come from the same area of eastern Madagascar as did the lemur that contributed the DNA sequence to the gene library.
Novozymes A/S (Bagsvaerd, Denmark) has patented a method of generating a gene library from an environmental pool of organisms, which gene library is enriched in DNA encoding a polypeptide with an activity of interest.
Each city stands for a particular interest: Dares Salaam, for instance, represents the idea of nature as a bio-resource or gene library, while Windhoek became the scene of a "bio-romantic" quest for an ancient plant that has existed for more than seventy million years and survived the transformation of an ancient rain forest into a desert.
5million study and held in an anonymous gene library for researchers.