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We conducted many interesting studies by generations and phenotyping of gene knockout strains.
Among the gene knockouts seen to affect the previously proposed growth rate/branch density compensation system were two (catalases) involved in the metabolism of reactive oxygen species (ROS).
The effects of the ApoE gene knockout were significant on the body weight, blood lipids, plasma adiponectin and adiponectin-related protein expression in the myocardial tissue, and the effects of aerobic exercise were also significant on adiponectin-related protein expression and some indices of blood lipid indices.
Lexicon makes these discoveries using its proprietary gene knockout technology to model the physiological effects that could be expected from prospective drugs directed against novel targets.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 29, 2005 - (JCNN) - TransGenic announced on August 26 that the Hyogo Prefectural Government has selected the company's research project on gene knockout mice as a project in its attempt to support industry-academia efforts to develop new businesses.
In the case of in vivo gene function studies involving animal models, the development of gene knockout mice revealed an excellent system for establishing particular roles of deleted genes.
One huge surprise for gene knockout experimenters has been the finding that knocking out a gene with a known, vital function often produces no observable defects in the organism, making it virtually impossible to precisely state what the range of function for any given gene actually is.
To overcome the problem of acute organ rejection which would otherwise occur with animal-to-human transplants, PPL plans to breed gene knockout pigs.
To unequivocally confirm that mutations in Btk were responsible for the xid phenotype, targeted gene disruption (a gene knockout experiment) was performed in embryonic stem cells (95,96).
Cyagen has an 1800 square meter facility that includes a laminar flow ultra-clean cell culture lab built to GMP standards, a molecular biology lab, and an animal barrier facility housing mice and rats intended for transgenic and gene knockout research.
In UUO group, control mice displayed significantly more collagen deposition than SHP-2 CKO mice, suggesting that SHP-2 gene knockout in myeloid cells may attenuate renal fibrosis under mechanical damage [Figure 2].
Nedelman's company is producing a detailed map of neural activity in SAGE Lab's Pinkl gene knockout rat, which SAGE Labs generated for The Michael J.
The overall themes are fungal transformation and gene knockout, the detection and quantification of fungi, and microscopy and protein analysis.