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Tokyo, Japan, Aug 29, 2005 - (JCNN) - TransGenic announced on August 26 that the Hyogo Prefectural Government has selected the company's research project on gene knockout mice as a project in its attempt to support industry-academia efforts to develop new businesses.
In this program, Lexicon is using its proprietary gene knockout technology to rapidly discover the physiological and behavioral functions of 5,000 of the most pharmaceutically important genes in the human genome.
Lexicon scientists use gene knockout technology, including the technology covered by the 113 patent, to systematically discover the physiological functions of genes in mice and to identify which corresponding genes encode potential targets for therapeutic intervention.
OmniBank contains 271,860 sequence-tagged mouse ES cell clones, representing gene knockouts for approximately 60% of genes.
The alliance combines Lexicon's ability to discover the physiological functions and pharmaceutical utility of genes through its gene knockout technologies with Bristol-Myers Squibb's pre-clinical, clinical and commercial expertise to accelerate the pace of drug discovery in neuroscience.
There can be no guarantee that transporter gene knockout rat and human cell lines or related services will assist the Company to achieve any particular levels of revenue in the future.
Initial behavioral studies of the gene knockout rats generated by SAGE Labs are being conducted by Richard E.
Conventional gene knockout eliminates a gene throughout an entire animal.
In a major advance, Cellular Genomics showed that mice expressing the ASKA version of an angiogenesis/cancer kinase fully rescued the lethal phenotype associated with the gene knockout of this kinase, thus enabling this promising drug target to be studied for the first time in pharmacologically relevant in vivo models of cancer and angiogenesis.
Yin Chen, vice president of research and development, was invited to present a paper on the results of experiments using the company's proprietary ssDNA Expression System to deliver gene knockout instructions to cancer-causing genes in lung, breast and prostate cells.
Leptin, LDL receptor and ApoE gene knockout rats display phenotypes, physiology and metabolism sorely needed in studies of human cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, without requiring special, costly high-fat diets," explained Edward Weinstein, Director of SAGE Labs.
We believe that our company's high throughput gene knockout approach, coupled with our comprehensive systems biology analysis program, will continue to be instrumental in leading researchers to gene function -- and ultimately to new pharmaceutical targets and drug candidates.
Robust and on-target gene knockout using CompoZr Knockout ZFNs is guaranteed by functional validation prior to shipment and unique enhancements to the DNA-recognition and cleavage ZFN subunits.
Lexicon is using gene knockout technology to systematically discover the physiological functions and medical uses of genes.